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Bullying: A year after Pottygate

Wow, I got some new readers lately! It’s not just me inflaming my trolls or having the odd success with murdering the Elf On The Shelf. We’re quite a family here. Welcome! Now is also the one year “anniversary” of sorts of something really crappy (a pun! stay with me!) that happened and now’s as... Read more »

Flight risk: Airline policy profiles men as sex offenders

Are you a man? You might be a pedophile – at least according to Virgin Airlines. An upstanding male passenger was asked to move seats on a Virgin flight from Australia recently and was informed it was because of the airline’s policy prohibiting men from sitting next to unaccompanied children. Virgin is not alone. Apparently... Read more »

Chick-Fil-Gate: Why Dan Cathy should be grateful

No one knows better than I do how it feels to be called a bigot after speaking about a belief. As a person who has felt the full weight of that accusation in the fallout of my potty debacle last year, I have a word of advice to Dan Cathy: Be grateful for the opportunity... Read more »

I got my first public school sneer today

It’s time to choose our path for another year of preschool. Wait. Perhaps I should warn you. I’m about to discuss preschool again, hippies, race and possibly money. Sharpen your daggers! Comb your troll hair! Unfurl your internet registries of those who offend you! Little Bee has been at a private preschool this year and it’s... Read more »

How to hide from stalkers

I was bored on my phone during Bee’s dance class and an option to “check-in” to the dance center popped up on my screen. All I had to do was click. Boom, done. But what was the point of that? So my Facebook friends from high school can identify with my tedious morning? To brag... Read more »

It's getting old, radical activists.

I’m still being pelted by comments about this preschool potty issue (quick update if you need one: I blogged about my request to my daughter’s preschool that she not be assisted in the bathroom stall by volunteer dads and cited a now-disputed statistic from the Abel and Harlow Child Molestation Prevention Study 2001, revised 2002,... Read more »

What's a mangina?

Dick. Prick. Boob. The p-word. Have you ever noticed the highest way to insult a person is to call them by sexual organs? Some guy cuts another one off in traffic: dick. A guy says something offensive: prick. Someone makes a social blunder: boob. It’s just part of our culture that the lowest thing you could possibly be... Read more »

Apology to Men's Rights Activists - UPDATED

Edited – This post was written under extreme duress when I was being threatened and harassed by the MRA community. While the post is true, it is also fair to include that I was afraid for my safety and for that of my daughters when I wrote it. I have since moved from my home.... Read more »