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Dear Congress: My kids should feel safe in school

I have a daughter starting kindergarten in the fall. As we picked out her purple butterfly backpack, we had to have The Talk. Well, the new talk. She’s scared enough as it is going to a new school with a new routine, but now we have to talk about what to do if (when?) someone... Read more »

GOP candidate plasters posters of Wendy Davis as "Abortion Barbie"

Put on your raincoats, I’m about to make it rain HAIL NO in here. Texas GOP candidate Greg Abbott’s campaign is suspected of* not denouncing the plastering of gross “Abortion Barbie” posters all over bus stops and phone booths. Wait, there are still phone booths? Or are those just private glass rooms in the middle... Read more »

Disney: "Brave" Merida gets sexxy makeover, parents vote with your money

Disney is under fire this week for “butchering” their most feminist role model yet, Brave star Merida. Now instead of a tomboy, she’s more traditionally beautiful and that’s bad¬†according to the 50,000 people who signed a petition about the change. Look, I get the controversy over the Brave princess makeover, but I’ll just be honest... Read more »

In defense of Chelsea Clinton's Starbucks order

Chelsea Clinton said in today’s Parade Magazine that she was in Starbucks the other day ordering her usual “Black Eye” (a coffee with two shots of espresso) when a stranger approached her and said, “Chelsea, you seem like such an interesting person, and that’s such a boring drink”. Burn. First,¬†how refreshing to hear a two-word... Read more »

The best (and worst) variations of the Facebook red equal sign

Pot moms should get equal respect as wine moms. I get it.
When my whole Facebook feed turned red with the equal sign yesterday, I thought Facebook pulled one of their maneuvers to only show you “relative” content, meaning they had shielded my eyes from my friends with differing political interests. Grr. It’s not healthy to cover your ears and sing “la la la” to avoid hearing... Read more »

I don't want to have "a national conversation about mental health"

Ah, politicizing a tragedy. That took a day. In the first hours after the Sandy Hook shooting, the nation came together and seemed to universally agree, at least to some degree, something has to be done about these guns in the hands of crazies. That’s not a political agenda, that’s a human thing to say... Read more »

My political doodles? Sorry in advance.

Crap, I’m in the eye of the tornado with this move so I can’t talk long. In case you are interested in my personal tradition of doodling the candidates during presidential debates (my Kerry was kicking) I did have 15 seconds to whip up a little Biden and Ryan action last night between bites of... Read more »

Why we should protect Pell grants: Cocktail party fodder!

I was going to write about a recurring theme at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions: opportunity in this country. There is a lot of talk about opening doors to the middle class and supporting education. The only reason I was able to attend college was with a Pell grant and federal loans, but I’m... Read more »