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Non-toxic spray paint + nursery PICS!

I figured spray paint was banned in Chicago because ne’r-do-wells muck up public spaces scrawling their names everywhere, but now I wonder if their mothers got together and forced it out because it’s so unhealthy. Have you ever looked on the back of a can of spray paint? “Causes cancer” and “long-term exposure will cause... Read more »

How to survive a kitchen remodel [PHOTOS!]

This is as good as I can do for a before pic. While I was cleaning, I happened to find the realtor brochure from when we bought the house.
Butterflies! Cannons! Jolly elves in fun pants! Whatever’s your signature confetti, just pack it up and take it into my kitchen right now. It’s the land of YES. We’re about to take a tour of my head and home spanning the time from June until an hour ago, some of it murky territory, and arrive... Read more »

The politics of my Craigslist baby crib

I’m not so much of a deal junkie as I am a weird-thing junkie. I own an original Chicago el stop sign (Linden!) as well as a leather voodoo mask, a ceramic shrunken head, and a beer can from 1978. The other day I was bored, as a person confined to the couch 22 hours... Read more »

The final frontier of mommy wars: Crafty moms v. holiday haters

There’s a new bracket in the mom on mom tournament. Pop your popcorn because this sport is always fresh! Sure, the smash down between working moms v. stay-at-home moms has all been thrown and the perennial conflict between homebirthers v. elective c-section crowd has gone stale. The room has cleared and the janitor is turning on... Read more »

Benjamin Moore's 9 Worst Paint Color Names

"Lambskin" - coordinates great with "Latex" and "Lube" for that really sexxy skin-colored home you're decorating.
So, I’ve been trying to figure out how to paint my new living room. I’ve been obsessed with finding the exact best color and naturally, I consulted Facebook. Every time I put a sample on the wall, I ask the internet’s opinion and three people will like it followed by two people who say it looks... Read more »

Labor intensive bread: Worth it?

I haven’t bought bread off the shelf in over a month. I found out I could make bagels, bread, pasta and other grainy goodness with the help of my two hands. I’m a control freak, see, (sorry, Deleted Comment Assholes) so I want to know exactly what is in my food . . . whole... Read more »