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The sexism of moms and Legos

A story started circulating the other day about another amazing, crafty parent doing something over-the-top to please the kids in the house. We know how these usually go. It’s normally a dad into photography or who has access to special effects video software reaping enormous praise for being a good parent. Here are a few top... Read more »

Making a rental feel like home

I’ll just tell you straight up since you didn’t ask: I’m not thrilled about being a renter again. This was kind of an abrupt move from Chicago, so we figured we’d lease at first to get the lay of the land and then eventually buy when we settle ourselves. But wait. What I totally forgot about... Read more »

How to get awesome Downton Abbey hair

On a whim (it’s always a whim, curse the whim) I picked up one of those “as seen on TV!” products in a discount bin at the drug store because I’m classy and I feel sad for inanimate objects that need my love. Why do you think I’ve rehabbed two houses and spend my time... Read more »

Ghost stories my kids came up with tonight

Our family loves telling our own bed time stories. The girls are at that age where they are old enough to articulate their thoughts, but they still believe in magic. Also, ghosts. Too bad pops wasn’t home, or he would have riffed on that tornado idea. All we need is a banjo and we’re a... Read more »

Remodeling Before & After: My house brochure v. my actual house [PICS!]

The dining room: I wonder if the other people who lived here were as loud as us during dinner?
One day while I was cleaning last year (probably the last time I cleaned. Gong.) I found the original brochure from when we bought our house. That must have been the land before DSL cameras because it’s all blurry like an episode of Maude. Was Bea Arthur a fox back then, or was that show... Read more »

Girly bathroom remodel [PICS!]

This is as good as I can do for a "before". I guess it's really a "during" because I promise I bathed the kids before September 2014.
GREAT NEWS: It only took us 23 months to remodel this house. That means the last time I knew peace, Mitt Romney was running for President by assuring us he had binders full of women. Wait. Maybe that was not peace. That must have been ennui I was feeling. We’re in the present day now... Read more »

Yes, I gave my kid a weird name [PICS]

This is the dress Bee sketched. I know, it's right out of Women's Wear Daily.
All the parents of Aidens and Addisons can go ahead and high five yourselves for side-stepping today’s predictable dilemma. Basically, I named my kid something weird and now her classmates are making comments. They’re not even making fun of her, they’re just curious how kindergarteners can be sometimes. She goes by Bee. Yes, the buzzing... Read more »

My favorite thing about my mother-in-law

I had them both work on each frame so they kind of shared ownership of them.
I’ve been really hung up about my mother-in-law’s raw deal with no-answer cancer, which I’ve discussed, oh, three days in a row now. You never get sick of me! I’m your internet lover bestie! So let’s talk about my favorite thing about her. She does things. Back in the way-back times of 2006 when we... Read more »

Glamour pumpkins! I let my toddler use Benjamin Moore paint [PICS]

When we were at Target last week, the girls picked out this glitter kit. Whoops, I didn't notice the age requirement. Two years old plus four years old adds up to six, so we're nearly half way there, right?
While I was busy being not-small this morning (the midwife yelled at me to workout yesterday, it was awesome) one of my kids struck my weak spot. “Mom, let’s do a craft!” I freaking love crafts. “Mom, let’s vacuum” or “mom, make with the laundry” isn’t going to get me off the couch at eight... Read more »

In the words of Ice Cube, today was a good day

I feel like I put in a good day of momming yesterday. [blows on knuckles] I made french toast, had everyone dressed (rather cutely!) and out the door by 9:00, put the finishing signatures on the girls’ 529s at the bank and made it to the first day of dance class with only snapping at... Read more »