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Gerber hassles small biz moms over "onesie"

Quick! What’s that thing that babies wear under their clothes? The thing that snaps at the crotch? You: “Um, a onesie.” Bingo! I mean, what else are we supposed to call it? Infant underwear body suit? Crotch-snapping baby catchall? Stain-Attracting Poop & Drool Catcher That Which Goes Under The Jammies (© HG&S)! Apparently we have to... Read more »

Trayvon Martin murder about money, not race

Just kidding, the Trayvon Martin murder verdict was totally about race and a little about money, but hear me out. I couldn’t sleep last night. I tied myself in knots in my sheets because every time I drifted off, I had nightmares about this verdict. The perversion of justice in this country is so sick... Read more »

Atrazine: The EPA-approved, EU-banned chemical in your body right now

Sometimes things happen in life. Cars crash, chips fall, hearts attack. Sometimes children die and it’s completely a chance event, one that you can’t dwell on finding causes or spend your life answering unanswerable questions like, “why my child”? And then there are events in life that have causes. For example, drunk drivers made the... Read more »

Edward Snowden is not a hero

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is not only a terrible boyfriend (LEAD STORY!) he’s also a little thing called a traitor for leaking classified documents he was paid $200,000 a year to protect. There has been lots of praise bestowed on this “hero” who sacrificed his personal and professional life in the name of government transparency.... Read more »

Were the Boston attacks in retaliation for racism against Muslims? Another Tsarnaev brother emerges UPDATED

As the manhunt continues for suspected Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, another Tsarnaev brother has emerged who was uninvolved in the Boston attacks. Zaur Tsarnaev, who plays Israeli football, was the subject of intense anti-Muslim racism from fans this year. A story from Moscow in January reported that Zaur was taunted with anti-Muslim chants during games and some fans... Read more »

Yay or Nay: Your 9-year-old buying emergency contraception without you

The “morning-after” pill will now be available without prescription to girls of all ages thanks to a ruling by a federal judge in New York. Before we get all “THE CHILDRENZ!!!” let’s think practically. How often is a girl as young as nine or eleven going to need the morning-after pill anyway and b) if... Read more »

The best (and worst) variations of the Facebook red equal sign

Pot moms should get equal respect as wine moms. I get it.
When my whole Facebook feed turned red with the equal sign yesterday, I thought Facebook pulled one of their maneuvers to only show you “relative” content, meaning they had shielded my eyes from my friends with differing political interests. Grr. It’s not healthy to cover your ears and sing “la la la” to avoid hearing... Read more »

Chicago gun violence: Why won't anyone snitch on baby Jonylah's killer?

You have to check out the North Shore police blotter sometime. Hilarious. The worst things that happen are when some guy gets $2,000 golf clubs swiped from his garage or when unauthorized charges appear on someone’s credit card (later amended by the bank!). Okay, there was the time some kids tied up an old lady and... Read more »

To The College Girl Who Got A Restraining Order Against Her Helicopter Parents

A judge recently granted an order of protection to a college student against her helicopter parents for such injustices as installing spy ware on her computer (that they bought for her) and arriving unannounced for visits to her dorm (which they have been paying for for three years). The student is being blasted by the... Read more »

"Fired for being irresistible" - I agree with the judges

A ruling in favor of a boss who fired an employee for being “too irresistible” was made public yesterday to nearly universal backlash. A woman was fired after ten years of employment because her boss viewed her as a threat to his marriage once their text-messages were discovered by his wife. In the suit, the... Read more »