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LEAVE BRITTANY ALOOOONE! I'm sick of people being jerks about Brittany Maynard

I thought I hid the jerks from my newsfeed during the last election cycle, but nope, they’re popping up again now that Brittany Maynard has died. The 29-year-old, who wanted to live, by the way, chose a dignified, medically assisted death yesterday after the course of her fatal brain cancer became too much. I’m hearing... Read more »

Northshore Chicago: Badass school receptionist thwarts invading sex-offender

Don’t mess with Northshore school office ladies. They may seem meek, but they will toss you out on your collar if you try to creep your way into a public middle school on their watch, any convicted pervs who may be reading. The receptionist at Highcrest Middle School is to thank for thwarting a would-be... Read more »

School ban: No cartwheels on the playground!

After a student hurt her wrist on the playground, a school in Queensland, Austrailia has banned “unsupervised cartwheels”. Also included in the ban are handstands, cheerleading, gymnastics and fun of any kid. Just kidding. There is still plenty of fun to be had standing motionless during recess. Just play “statue”! Or “Lobotomy”! Don’t these kids... Read more »

Mothers arrested for everything now

A mother in South Carolina was arrested last month for using profanity in front of her children. Apparently Danielle Wolf let a few eff-bombs slip because her kids were messing with loaves of bread while grocery shopping in a Kroger store. A nosy fellow customer (who later apologized and mentioned the abuse she received as... Read more »

Transgender bathroom rights: Another case against Hobby Lobby

Oh, Hobby Lobby. It’s not your year, you little pretend-person, you. Newsweek ran an article today about a case that has been pending quietly against Hobby Lobby alongside the Supreme Court birth control suit that captured national attention. The other case wasn’t known to the public until now, but I have a feeling everyone will... Read more »

Us "libtards" love this country, too

I posted some pictures of my kids in their full 4th of July get up today (I might have gone overboard with the Pinterest-worthy projects this year) and got a repeated, unexpected comment to the tune, “I had no idea you were so patriotic”. At a village fireworks display in a notorious conservative area where... Read more »

Crap justice alert: Felony for helping ducklings

A lady was convicted of “criminal” negligence in a Canadian court this week because she did something stoopid (but with a warm, fuzzy heart!). In 2010 Emma Czornobaj pulled her car over in the left lane of the highway to help some orphaned baby ducks who might need their pinafores tucked in or something, but... Read more »

What if Chicago shootings were treated like school shootings?

If you watched any national news today, swiped through social media or pick up a major newspaper tomorrow you’ll know about the lone gunman at an Oregon high school this morning who shot one student (and grazed the hip of a teacher). Events like this are becoming sadly more common, but the news/blog cycle will... Read more »

#YesAllWomen - I dated a "nice guy" once

In the wake of the shootings in Santa Barbara, a horrible event indeed, there rises this phoenix of courage (and amazing Twitter reading) #YesAllWomen. Ladies have suddenly opened up over the past few days to tell how it is to live with everyday sexism. We live in a world where our safety is always unsure... Read more »

When a breadwinner faces prison, the kids suffer twice

I’ll tell you, straight away, I have no sympathy for child abusers. Harming a defenseless person is unspeakable, not to mention a burden on the rest of us. According to Safe Horizon, child abuse is a $124 billion dollar problem and survivors of child abuse are 30% more likely to commit violent crime. When you... Read more »