Farewell my loves: Where to find High Gloss & Sauce now!

I’d love to give a big drawn out good bye to this blog but a few things:

A) I’m not physically leaving. The internet does not occupy real space! I already moved my my stash of Target pillows from Chicago to L.A. a month ago and took all you guys with me, which brings me to . ..

B) Come with me! Still, I mean! I’m blogging now at jennakarvunidis.com. I’m happy to entertain you about twice a day on my Facebook page and I also write at LifetimeMoms.

C) Who knows when I might pop up and post a blog here. You never know what I’m going to do. Maybe jazz!


D) I just put out a post on my new blog and realized none of my subscribers got it. CRY FACE. UGLY CRY FACE. So I’m kind of in a rush to crank this out and beg you to march your butts over to the new spot and sign up for rad things in your inbox. Well. Do that until I can figure out how to import my old subscribers to the new blog, but considering I need Siri to navigate me to my own driveway, don’t count on it.

Good bye, sweet home Sherrrrrkago!


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