Northshore Chicago: Badass school receptionist thwarts invading sex-offender

Don’t mess with Northshore school office ladies. They may seem meek, but they will toss you out on your collar if you try to creep your way into a public middle school on their watch, any convicted pervs who may be reading. The receptionist at Highcrest Middle School is to thank for thwarting a would-be repeat sex offender Tuesday. The man, 42-year-old Kevin Berglund, entered the school, asked to use the bathroom and never made it past the lobby due to her baddassery and a new “double buzz” entry design of the school.

According to District 39 superintendent Dr. Ray Lechner, the incident was reported to the Wilmette Police School Resource Officer.

“[Berglund] is now in custody and the police have charged him with trespassing on school property and an incident unrelated to the school that occurred in the community on Monday evening.”

Today, the Wilmette Police informed the school district that Berglund is a registered sex offender and he remains in custody. His past crimes include burglary, home invasion and a “Christmas morning attempted rape”. Christmas morning attempted rape.

That incident Monday Evening? Oh, he was just caught by a neighbor for stealing a bike  . . . before it was discovered through investigation that he had placed a step stool under one of their bedroom windows Рpresumably to be used later for some sneaking or invading or killing or Christmas morning attempted raping. (Excuse me while I go set all my lawn booby traps. I never should have given up Kung Fu.)

As for the middle school secretary, I assume she just blew the smoke off her finger gun and whispered, “BYE PERVERT”.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 9.06.51 PM

Kevin Berglund, the clown dog who got completely dealt with by the Wilmette community bitch-boom-bye style.

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