USDA and EPA: Gross new herbicide's approval spreading like a weed

I got an email from Morgan Fairchild yesterday. If you’ve ever backed a Democratic candidate, I’m sure you got the same one. We need to “rush” to the polls Nov. 4 and in the meantime, spill a little extra coin toward the campaign. Blergh. It seems like every other day I’m getting inboxed with requests for money. It’s like that friend who pops up and you know before you even open it that they either want to sell you some candles or get you to sign a petition for a lemur in Madagascar.

Wait. I’m totally that friend right now.

Here’s the deal. The EPA is on my nerves. There’s this big push to give the EPA more control to get our clean water and air back. That is awesome. Yay. I’d love it if that were indeed the whole story. I mean, it’s enough of the story to get me to a poll on my child’s birthday because come on, you’re not going to hold me back from voting for a fight for a cleaner world.

What’s weird though are a few things:

1. The Clean Water act is nothing new. It was put in place in 1972 and supposedly reformed in the 90’s to include groundwater contamination. AND YET there is still groundwater contamination (hi, atrazine!) The idea with this “restoration” is to harken back to those good old days when the EPA’s authority actually meant something and people couldn’t just keep on polluting anyway. Do I trust this? I’m not sure. I’ll still vote anyway, but I’d like reassurance that huge corporations won’t just be buying credits to dump their crap in our water. That should not be happening. It happens. Will this “restoration” fix it? Let’s hope.

2. RoundUp, which causes numerous human health problems, is no longer as effective on the previous “RoundUp-ready” corn and soybean crops so Dow AgriSciences whipped up a new horrific combo of Round-Up and Agent Orange (known innocuously as Enlist) and the EPA is on the verge of approving it. The USDA already has. Let’s see . . . we genetically altered our plants to survive the nasty chemicals we put on them to kill the normal plants nearby. Then when that stopped working, we came up with the brilliant solution of tinkering with the DNA of our food even further and bathing them in even more harmful chemicals? SO HEALTHY.

Look, maybe you think GMO food is no big deal. Fine. Have your opinion. But you cannot argue that ingestion of, or the groundwater pollution caused by, runoff of chemicals like Enlist can possibly be harmless.

The EPA says it right here in their own documents:

Some people who drink water containing glyphosate well in excess of the maximum contaminant level (MCL) for many years could experience problems with their kidneys or reproductive difficulties

Oh, only some people. Probably other people. I guess I won’t worry then. Eyeroll. Don’t believe for a minute anyone is keeping a super watchful eye on that MCL, by the way. I was directed to call my local water facility for up-to-date info on the various levels in our drinking water and not only did the phone never get answered, but there wasn’t even voicemail. Maybe they were too busy keeping vigil over our water supply to get an operating phone.

If the USDA and the EPA had our best interests at heart, they would deny approval of Enlist. Will this happen if Democrats are in office? I’m not sure, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to hope.

So, yes, Morgan Fairchild, I will be at the polls voting to keep the Democrats in the Senate and you might get a buck or two out of me, but I’ve got my side-eye fixed on the whole operation.

We want clean water for real.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 9.18.37 AM

Morgan’s like, “DOWN WITH THIS BUNK JUNK.”

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