Remodeling Before & After: My house brochure v. my actual house [PICS!]

One day while I was cleaning last year (probably the last time I cleaned. Gong.) I found the original brochure from when we bought our house. That must have been the land before DSL cameras because it’s all blurry like an episode of Maude. Was Bea Arthur a fox back then, or was that show cool because there was like five pixels on the screen?

Anyway, I kept the old timey brochure around so that when I got my house really cool (genuine Ikea curtains, people! The luxe!) I could look back and make smug faces at how far we’ve come. Yup, we were so young in 2012. Here is a gallery of all the before pictures of how the previous owner had things and all the afters of how I’ve remodeled/decorated/wrecked the place in just two years.

(Related: Time lapse kitchen pictures, haterz hatin’ my girls’ room, the safety patrol all over my danger pit of a nursery, the upstairs girls’ bath that I share with my kids so that my husband can peacock around in the master by himself. I AM A NICE PERSON.)

The only problem is now I’ve completely rehabbed my second house, I have nothing to do. Well. Besides raising the kids and tucking in my sock bun before PTA meetings, but I mean the kind of work that ruins my nails. So, what I’m saying is, I’ll probably move soon because I can’t seem to give up my addiction to remodeling. What do people do, anyway? Just live? Like, not in sawdust? Life is a mystery, ain’t it.

NOTE: I don’t feel like inviting the interwebz to stalk on by, so I am not showing the outside of the house. Use your mind palette to imagine how I painted, reshuttered (reshat? shuttered anew?) and put in new doors. Great job! Also, the master bed/bath and guest bed are too covered in laundry at the moment for me to get around to photographing, so I’ll probably update this little gallery that no one cares about anyway later. Sorry? Or you’re welcome?


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