Girly bathroom remodel [PICS!]

GREAT NEWS: It only took us 23 months to remodel this house. That means the last time I knew peace, Mitt Romney was running for President by assuring us he had binders full of women. Wait. Maybe that was not peace. That must have been ennui I was feeling. We’re in the present day now though, folks. It only took a little grit, lots of patience, going broke, imagination, Tylenol, two years and three contractors to complete this job.

Lest you think I’m a rich lady for redoing all my rooms while I eat salads made of one hundred dollar bills (delicious!) please note that I am actually quite thrifty, hence buying a house that needed all this crap to begin with.

I swore I wouldn’t do this to myself again. We already bought a fixer-upper (ahem, “rehab project”) in 2006 when I only knew my husband for like 6 months. By the time we put the last coat of paint on the porch, we had two kids and had been married four years. Basically, rehabbing an entire house takes years unless you are a) wealthy b) funded by HGTV.

But no, we had to go and do it again. We were on the fast track this time because it only took us two years and one baby to be finished. I love designing and decorating way too much to ever be “done” though, so I might just have to buy a new house now or rip up this one again.

Get yourself caught up on the kitchen remodel, nursery and girls room, then click through the gallery below to see the girls’ bathroom. I’ll do another post in the next few days to show befores & afters of the master bath and guest bath and I’ll probably do a whole ‘nother one with pics of the living room, dining room, and all the mountain of paint samples I’ve amassed in my basement. Seriously. For every wall in this house, I’ve got 12 shades of Benjamin Moore.

UPDATE – I didn’t think to say where I got everything, but people are asking so . . . the mirrors are Pottery Barn Kids, the paint is Benjamin Moore “Beach Plum 2072-60”, the countertops are soapstone, the cabinets are custom (someone asked me if they were stock and they could have been because they are the standard 60 inches – they have a gray stain over cherry wood). The light fixture is a mystery since I can’t seem to remember where I got it,  the valance is from an exclusive emporium called Target, the tub is Kohler, the tub fixtures are Moen and the hooks and soap I scooped on on the cheap at Cost Plus. I love that place! Lastly, the knobs are Anthropologie and I inherited the silver tray from my mother-in-law. 


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