Why the internet keeps flagging your naked baby pics

Several Instagram accounts have been shut down this month because mothers are posting nude and partially nude kids, which violates the site’s terms of use. Rallying campaigns then ensue to get the bloggers back on social media, a battle cry to the effect that Instagram and the people flagging the baby pictures are perverts. I have a friend who was similarly angry and disgusted at the pervs for flagging and removing a picture of her naked toddler off Facebook. I hope she doesn’t kill me right now, but I have to say it. The people flagging the pictures aren’t the pervs. They are helping to protect your child*.

I get a list of search terms that lead people to this blog and every day I get some version of “sexy teens”. Lately, a new acronym has been popping up. I dismissed it at first, like it was the initials of some private company or school – maybe a drug all the wacky youngins are up to these days now that bath salts went out of vogue with the zombies. The term is PTHC. It stands for “pre-teen hardcore”. I also see “sexy uncut little boys” from time to time and the worst? “Sexy babies”.

Perverts are searching for, and finding naked toddler pictures on the internet. I’m all for the freedom of older girls not apologizing for their bodies at school because they deserve to be present for an education. Naked toddlers? Naked toddlers have no place on the internet because they are PERV BAIT and besides, they don’t lose out on anything by being absent.

There is nothing sexual about a baby. There is nothing inherently indecent about a naked toddler. Those are innocent little kids just hangin’ in some rainboots or whatever. My own kids take baths together and traipse from room to room in their skivvies all morning sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with nudity and nothing sexual about kids. What I think and what normal people think isn’t the problem.

The problem is the mentally and emotionally sick pedophiles finding your baby’s pictures and enjoying them for a use you didn’t intend. Don’t feed their sickness.

Also, don’t get your feminism confused with your common sense. I’ll fight all day for girls dressing themselves for prom and against student dress codes that only address only one gender. Leggings strong! Those are choices young women make for themselves and they need our support. Toddlers and preschoolers aren’t choosing to be naked on the internet. You’re doing that. Stop it.

You can’t live your life in fear, but is Instagramming your naked baby really “living”? Live all you like. Live in your undies all day. Live breastfeeding in public and bathing and doing naked cartwheels in your home. It’s hot out and sometimes your kid just needs to splash in a baby pool wearing nothing but the sunshine. Do it.

Just don’t put it online.

¬†*It wasn’t me though, I swear!

“Haha, that kid from my class has such a farmer’s tan.”

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