Transgender bathroom rights: Another case against Hobby Lobby

Oh, Hobby Lobby. It’s not your year, you little pretend-person, you.

Newsweek ran an article today about a case that has been pending quietly against Hobby Lobby alongside the Supreme Court birth control suit that captured national attention. The other case wasn’t known to the public until now, but I have a feeling everyone will be spun into a fuss. This case is about a transgender Hobby Lobby employee in Aurora, IL who has been denied the use of the ladies’ restroom by her employer.

Since transitioning from living as male, Meggan Sommerville is legally recognized as female by her state ID and is in the process of changing her birth certificate, yet Hobby Lobby disallows her use of the women’s restroom.


In 2011, I became briefly internet-famous (Z lister over here!) for causing a bit of a tizzy about not wanting volunteer men in the restroom with my daughter at her co-op school. It’s a long story, but it boils down to the fact parent volunteers were tasked with taking strange children, alone, to the bathroom. This is back before #YesAllWomen and people getting it that dudes can be scary to girls and women. Men have no place in women’s restrooms. Women need to feel safe in gender-assigned public bathrooms and my argument was (and is) that this should start the minute you’re potty trained. NO GUYS ALLOWED. Not sorry.

Meggan Sommerville is a woman. (Edit: Also a friend of mine and fellow blogger at ChicagoNow.)

Safety and privacy of ladies’ rooms should extend to transgender women. Hobby Lobby’s claim is that since Meggan’s technical anatomy has not been reconstructed (due to finances), she should be forced into the men’s facilities. That is crap because it’s nobody’s business what’s in your pants unless it’s a gun. Why isn’t Hobby Lobby more concerned with Meggan’s safety than whether she offends someone?

I don’t know a single woman who would use the men’s room at work, and the modesty/safety factor goes up tenfold if you happen to have a little extra flesh down there in your lady skirt. Didn’t you see Boys Don’t Cry? Men’s rooms are not where you want to hang if you’re in a dress and/or have lady bits and/or you are a damn woman.

Public restrooms should correlate with government documents. I mean, you can’t have a peeping tom in a wig show up in women’s locker rooms like, “hi! I’m a lady now!” A man can’t just creep around in a dress and go around gawking at girls in the women’s room. Meggan has a driver’s license with an F on it and her birth certificate is being revised to say FEMALE. She’s a woman. She doesn’t have a long con to pop out of a cake as a man and ruin your day, Hobby Lobby. Stop acting like you have more fears of randos in restrooms than me. I’m the queen of that.

Besides, if Meggan got a job at Hobby Lobby today, they’d never know about the the private bit of skin under her dress that once mistakenly marked her as a male the day she was born. She’d sail right into the ladies’ room, no prob. I wonder how many more trans women work there now and they don’t even realize?

They just make up this “religious freedom” stuff to suit their own agenda. Remember, they invest in birth control aplenty, they just don’t want employees using expensive birth control because it costs them money instead of making it. (An IUD is about $1200 out of pocket  – ouch!)

So basically the only reason Hobby Lobby won’t treat Meggan Sommerville like the woman her friends, family and government see her as is because, excuse the pun, they are dicks.

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