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Stop with the ugly feminist trope! Feminists are HOT! [PICS]

Alicia Justice - professional, mother, wife and hot feminist.
Girls want to be pretty. Said it! I know, there are some fierce ones who would rather dress up as Spiderman and that’s awesome, but I’m talking about the majority of girls who seem to be organically drawn to things covered in pink sparkles. I’m raising three girls who are, well, girly. They want to... Read more »

Donut shop bans fat-shaming toddler for asking lady if she's pregnant

“Is there a baby in your belly?” Nope, just donuts! Apparently at a donut shop named Doughnut Inn (Does one sleep there? Are there donut – excuse me- doughnut pillows? Does Homer Simpson turn down guests’ sheets with his glazed fingertips?) in Monroe, CT, a 4-year-old boy was banned after asking a customer if she... Read more »

Stop saying, "Your English is great!"

Last night around 7:00, every restaurant in Wrigleyville had a 90-minute wait because the neighborhood was all hit at once with Billy Joel concert revelers. I guess old white people music (hi!) and Persian food don’t go hand in hand because for whatever reason, Raw Bar got us a table in ten minutes. We had... Read more »

Cynical 10-year-old writes hilarious 1-star review of Disney's Cinderella restaurant

Who knew the hottest restaurant in America was in the middle of Florida? Cinderella’s Royal Table at Disney World is booked solid, from 6:00 AM until the park closes, six months in advance and reservations are only available to guests paying hundreds of dollars a day for park entrance. It’s the thing to do, I’m... Read more »

The problem with Colbie Caillat's "Try" video everyone's crowing about

The entire interwebz has been in girl crush mode over a viral music video by Colbie Caillat called, “Try”. If you live in 1992 or on some weird island where your girlfriends don’t tag you to watch pseudo-feminist viral videos, I’ll pause now and let you take a gander. Go on. I’ll wait while your... Read more »

Why annoying girlfriends make the best wives

I keep seeing these articles pop up like, “10 annoying things girlfriends do” and “15 things guys can’t stand”. I’ve got news, dudes. All that stuff that drives you crazy about your girlfriend will pay off when you marry her. All my boyfriends hated me: the plan-making, the spy skills. Well guess what? All that... Read more »

Transgender bathroom rights: Another case against Hobby Lobby

Oh, Hobby Lobby. It’s not your year, you little pretend-person, you. Newsweek ran an article today about a case that has been pending quietly against Hobby Lobby alongside the Supreme Court birth control suit that captured national attention. The other case wasn’t known to the public until now, but I have a feeling everyone will... Read more »

Us "libtards" love this country, too

I posted some pictures of my kids in their full 4th of July get up today (I might have gone overboard with the Pinterest-worthy projects this year) and got a repeated, unexpected comment to the tune, “I had no idea you were so patriotic”. At a village fireworks display in a notorious conservative area where... Read more »

Why the internet keeps flagging your naked baby pics

Several Instagram accounts have been shut down this month because mothers are posting nude and partially nude kids, which violates the site’s terms of use. Rallying campaigns then ensue to get the bloggers back on social media, a battle cry to the effect that Instagram and the people flagging the baby pictures are perverts. I... Read more »