Dear Congress: My kids should feel safe in school

I have a daughter starting kindergarten in the fall. As we picked out her purple butterfly backpack, we had to have The Talk. Well, the new talk. She’s scared enough as it is going to a new school with a new routine, but now we have to talk about what to do if (when?) someone enters her classroom with a gun.

What about teachers? Qualified, enthusiastic educators are hard enough to lure to our schools. How will we entice these valuable people to educate our children if their lives are on the line every day?

President Obama said yesterday that gun control is in the hands of the public. We need grass roots noise to support anything getting done because Congress is too afraid of upsetting the NRA to enact gun control measures. This is crazy to me because in every other faction of life, if there’s even a remote threat to safety, change is nearly immediate. Two guys used box cutters to hijack a flight and we haven’t been able to bring nail clippers in our carry on bags in ten years. One person sent Anthrax in the mail and baby powder was banned in schools. Our phones are tapped and emails read by the NSA because we might be plotting something. Yet, school shootings happen at the rate of once per month and Congress is stubborn about gun control measures. Our kids are terrorized in school because Congress is cowering to an armed, vocal minority.

Why is our children’s safety being held hostage by the NRA?

Lawmakers should not be so terrified of a small group that they allow citizens’ safety to be in peril every day, especially in the public schools that are supposed to be havens of safety and education.

The main argument for keeping assault [edit: this post was shared over 1,600 times while previously reading, “semi-automatic”] weapons legal goes back to the second amendment – that citizens should be able to form a militia. Ha! How did that work out for David Koresh? He tried to stockpile weapons and form his own army and a S.W.A.T. team invaded. The government has nukes and tanks and foreign connections. No little neighborhood gang is going to win that fight. There is no place for semi-automatic weapons in a civilized society.

Besides, Americans have been too scared to fight our government anyway. Look – the NRA has congress by the throat. Where is the HELL NO from parents and educators about gun control?

I’ll tell you where the HELL NO is. It’s right here. This is my citizen militia. I don’t need guns, I have my words and my militia is everyone who is liking and commenting on this post. We’re here.¬†Congress, don’t be intimidated by gun rights groups, be intimidated by moms like me who are mad as hell that school isn’t a safe place to send my child anymore.

Frankly, I’m embarrassed. This is a country full of wonderful loving people and yet our global reputation is sinking to that of a war torn nation where parents have to be afraid to send their kids to school.

Guns are not the whole problem, of course. Violence has a lot to do with mental health, poverty, social elements and other factors, but we don’t say, “let’s keep the box cutters on flights because not all box cutters are bad! Sometimes it’s shoe bombs!” We do all that we can, so let’s do this.

Let’s get gun control measures enacted immediately.


Parents who want reasonable gun control, now

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