GOP candidate plasters posters of Wendy Davis as "Abortion Barbie"

Put on your raincoats, I’m about to make it rain HAIL NO in here. Texas GOP candidate Greg Abbott’s campaign is suspected of* not denouncing the plastering of gross “Abortion Barbie” posters all over bus stops and phone booths. Wait, there are still phone booths? Or are those just private glass rooms in the middle of the street in case you need to scream in rage over politics?

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 1.29.52 PM

The posters depict the head of Wendy Davis, who famously delayed a bill that further limited women’s access to abortion care in Texas, superimposed on the pregnant Barbie that is no longer in production. The term “Abortion Barbie” was coined last fall by a nasty conservative blogger and it has no place in this campaign. I wonder if Mattel has any issue with their product being associated with such a vile political stunt?

Attacks that frame a woman candidate as an inanimate doll is unacceptable, not to mention the grossly distorted leap from being in favor of women’s autonomy over their own bodies to the gleeful celebration of abortion. Ending a pregnancy is a highly sensitive, personal decision. Those in support of women making their own choices don’t throw parties when those tough choices have to be made. I’m also in favor of removing teens from bars, but that doesn’t mean I throw confetti when I see it happening.

If the Greg Abbott supporters behind this care so much about the sanctity of life, why do they make light of the issue of abortion with this disturbing joke poster? What next – fallen soldier bobble heads? Rape victim push puppets? Classy move, bro.

UPDATE – I just noticed one of the fetuses is black. Yes, let’s bring race into it for a trifecta of controversy.

*the stunt is being claimed by a political artist, whom I’m not making more famous by mentioning here

(This post has been corrected)

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