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#YesAllWomen - I dated a "nice guy" once

In the wake of the shootings in Santa Barbara, a horrible event indeed, there rises this phoenix of courage (and amazing Twitter reading) #YesAllWomen. Ladies have suddenly opened up over the past few days to tell how it is to live with everyday sexism. We live in a world where our safety is always unsure... Read more »

GOP candidate plasters posters of Wendy Davis as "Abortion Barbie"

Put on your raincoats, I’m about to make it rain HAIL NO in here. Texas GOP candidate Greg Abbott’s campaign is suspected of* not denouncing the plastering of gross “Abortion Barbie” posters all over bus stops and phone booths. Wait, there are still phone booths? Or are those just private glass rooms in the middle... Read more »

When a breadwinner faces prison, the kids suffer twice

I’ll tell you, straight away, I have no sympathy for child abusers. Harming a defenseless person is unspeakable, not to mention a burden on the rest of us. According to Safe Horizon, child abuse is a $124 billion dollar problem and survivors of child abuse are 30% more likely to commit violent crime. When you... Read more »

Breastfeeding awareness is not bottle shaming

Want to know a super interesting fact? (You: thrill me.) I bought a tub of formula just before Tradeshowgate and I’ve been trying to jackhammer it into my 6-month-old’s mouth for about a week now. No dice. It seems once you get the breastfeeding train rolling it’s hard to jump off. My kids happen to... Read more »

In defense of the woman kicked out of a trade show for breastfeeding

Recently a small business owner was escorted out of a Chicago trade show for bringing her 10-day old infant snuggled inside her outfit. The newborn wasn’t there for the cooking demonstrations, he was there because he’s breastfed on the hour. In fact, the baby wasn’t a problem to anyone until the woman sat down to... Read more »

Why can't you get mad at kids anymore?

I might lose a friend over this. Eh, she’s new. Easy go! My kids know not to mess with my stuff. I’m not even sure why. Maybe I said something in the hospital when they were born like, “craft fabric is poison to children” or “the Elf lives by the washing machine” etc. and it... Read more »

My a-hole story about Fancy People Problems

There’s a guy who works at O’Hare airport who thinks I’m nuts. I said, “I’m so proud of myself!” as he cranked the yellow steel boot off my car like a 70-pound can of corn, “I learned to ride the shuttle!” But let me start at the beginning. My day began at midnight. It was 7:00am... Read more »

What happens when a man wears a baby in Spain

This is my first time in Spain, so I’m learning as I go. It took sinking into an ice cold bath before I realized the faucet handle marked “C” stands for “caliente”. Whoops. Restaurants don’t open for dinner until 8:00PM and when they do, there are some interesting things on the menu. Like, cod donuts.... Read more »

Reader Mail Bag: "Life with a sexxy face scar"

Every day I get a little report about what people are reading on my blog. Surprisingly, a lot of peeps search for answers about how to have self esteem with a face scar and get my post, Life with a sexxy face scar. Appropriately named! Anyway, the other day I got an email from a... Read more »

All the ways I'm driving the nanny crazy

I don’t usually tell the internet when I leave town. HI, PLEASE ROB ME. This time though, my house will be full of in-laws, a temporary nanny and two ferocious little girls whose combined weight is almost that of a doberman. If you want to tousle with those ninjas, go right ahead and get embarrassed.... Read more »