STUDY: That rich-ladies-be-relaxin' stereotype about moms is bogus!

According to a recent Pew report, the stereotype of the rich, white, pampered stay-at-home-mom of the mommy wars infamy is actually complete horse shit.

That’s right, according to new research, stay-at-home-moms are much more likely to be young, poor, non-white and/or immigrants lacking college degrees than they are to be part of the opt-out crowd. As a matter of fact, a large chunk of “stay-at-home-moms” aren’t even home by choice. They’re just unemployed and largely disenfranchised.

It appears the mommy wars are manufactured.

Read the rest of my LADY RAGE on this matter here.

(PS- I’ll always be with my first love, ChicagoNow but I do cheat on this site with freelance work. A mom has to eat. Surprise!)


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