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Is talking about Safe Haven laws a sex-ed issue?

I feel like I’ve read versions of this horrific story about a hundred times, but here’s number one hundred and one: Last week, a school girl in Chicago gave birth to a living baby at home and then committed infanticide. In this case, the teen stuffed the minutes-old child in a plastic Wal-mart shopping bag and... Read more »

I won't miss the baby years

I’ve driven the big ugly people-hauler since I traded in my sports car when I was 12 weeks pregnant. I’ve had mom hair since they invented ponytails and I’ve had no shame passing my PJs off as pants for five years now. But yesterday? That was the first day of soccer practice. There’s no going... Read more »

Why Hillary Clinton's age is not the big deal McCain's was in 08

Hillary Clinton has now admitted she’s “thinking about” a run for the White House in 2016, and since thinking about something is as good as done, the question (from a conservative) has come up: Is it sexist to talk about Hillary Clinton’s age? I understand the need to swing and bat for our feminist icon... Read more »

My cleaning lady has an attitude!

What if I said, “I’m not happy with my cleaning lady’s attitude?” I’d be a jerk, right? Zomg, what a spoiled human being up on her high horse criticizing the help like some kind of ice queen. She’s so lazy and mean. Tar her! Feather her! Think about why criticizing domestic help comes across so... Read more »

How to exploit natural consequences and get free child labor

School is out for Good Friday today and Niko took off, so naturally we laid around looking at all the Easter circulars in the paper as we drank a 3-hour cup of coffee. It was our pretend Sunday since real Sunday this week will involve inlaws and itchy clothing. Bee was begging for everything she... Read more »

Rich kids: Just ask for human egg-freezing as a graduation gift!

Quick – are you planning to get your kid a card for graduation? Maybe a couple bucks or a bookshelf or something? Well, prepare for an awkward smile in return because all the cool kids are all getting human egg-freezing procedures. The scene these days is all about gifting your daughter the gift that keeps... Read more »

The problem with "Tax the Childless"

There’s a debate raging across the interwebz, my friends, about a proposal to hike the tax burden on childless people by providing even more tax breaks to parents. Some disagree, vehemently. How should you wade through both sides to form an opinion in a scant amount of time on your lunch break? That is why... Read more »

The REAL lives of bloggers

<iframe src="//" width="507" height="398" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="display:inline-block;"></iframe><p>Bloggers want you to think we brew our thoughts in stylish places like The Central Perk or adorkable shabby chic home offices, but nah. I do this in my jams on the couch after the kids go down.
I’m sure by now you’ve seen the trailer for the self-serious movie American Blogger. Basically, a guy drives around the country and interviews lots of pretty ladies in perfect homes as they wax philosophical about such things like just what IS a blog? Mystery of the universe! As important as science! I was like, wow, those ladies... Read more »

High five raising kids in a peaceful house!

I have to make this quick because I’m writing this during the sweet spot of the baby’s nap when her two sisters are occupied with reenacting the recent Disney movie that shall go nameless. I swear, my girls will never let it go. Pops is busy building a bouncy thing and I should be cleaning... Read more »

STUDY: That rich-ladies-be-relaxin' stereotype about moms is bogus!

According to a recent Pew report, the stereotype of the rich, white, pampered stay-at-home-mom of the mommy wars infamy is actually complete horse shit. That’s right, according to new research, stay-at-home-moms are much more likely to be young, poor, non-white and/or immigrants lacking college degrees than they are to be part of the opt-out crowd.... Read more »