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Seduction is not coercion - No means no for men too

There’s been a buzz lately about female rapists and their male victims. One particularly heart wrenching story appeared on Jezebel yesterday and to those men, I offer sympathy and support. However there’s another narrative taking place and it’s a dangerous one: the male victim of “seduction”. The American Psychological Association reports that 26% of male responders... Read more »

Like sex, selfie education starts at home

My five-year-old, the one who thought she was going to wear lipstick to school (HAHAHAHAHAHA) put together a little outfit today and wanted me to document it. I don’t know what I was thinking with this next bit, but I can only reason that when she asks for stuff, I usually suggest she tries it... Read more »

The future is here: Lipstick in kindergarten

Lately my daughter has been in somewhat of a rivalry/admiration zone with this other girl at school. They like the same boy. Bee kisses him on the cheek, the other girl invites him over. The other girl does this, Bee has to do that. Last week it was jewelry. All of a sudden Bee wanted... Read more »

Bullied boy Grayson's school has a nasty "prayer" page full of venom

QUIZ TIME! 1. You’d expect a group called, “Prayers For Candler Elementary” to be . . . a) Full of prayers b) Full of nasty comments from adults calling a child “obnoxious” and his mother “white trash” 2. Prayers are supposed to be . . . a) Earnest conversations with God b) Backhanded vehicles to... Read more »

"Man up" hurts girls too

The other day I wrote about my mother-in-law’s key to successful son-raising that involved never telling my husband to man-up. She said she let him cry when he was sad and never tried to make him tough. Miraculously, he grew to be a tall, bearded human being with a deep voice despite this radical parenting... Read more »

Chicago area school bans yoga pants: THE SEXISM KILLS ME

There’s a doozy going down in the suburbs over yoga pants. Haven Middle School in Evanston has pitted feminists against apologists with its new policy that girls may not wear yoga pants because they “distract the boys”. Let me get this straight. Long black material covering someone from waist to ankle is not enough lower... Read more »

Don't give your kids a car from the tooth fairy or I WILL LOSE IT.

Guys. Parents. My people. We need to make a pact. The holidays are out of control. I’m not talking about Christmas and Easter (but that too) but “holidays” like Pie Day and St. Patrick’s Day when you’re not Irish. I’m not Irish. I’m not even from Chicago where everyone is Irish by proxy. I mean,... Read more »

I asked my mother-in-law how she raised such a great son

I don’t usually like to give advice if I don’t have a dog in the fight. When the Chicago Public School teachers were on strike a few years ago, it irritated me seeing parents who had their kids in private school, like, “solidarity!” Right, solidarity, bro. Your kids aren’t even in CPS. Having a student... Read more »

Sandy Hook dad Peter Lanza, I want to hear, "I should have been there"

The father of the Sandy Hook shooter, Peter Lanza, told the New Yorker his son was “evil” and he wished “he had never been born”. Oh sure, says the absentee dad who hadn’t seen his son in two years. I guess he just shrugged and scat, despite his son’s obvious needs beyond legal “childhood”. I just... Read more »

How men can REALLY support breastfeeding

There’s a new campaign starring dads and it’s about . . . breastfeeding. It’s called Project Breastfeeding and the aim is to show dads who support their partners in this sometimes-rocky nutritional choice for their baybays. Okay. I’m game. So what is the execution of this campaign? Well, that’s where things go awry. It shows men... Read more »