Chicago area school bans yoga pants: THE SEXISM KILLS ME

There’s a doozy going down in the suburbs over yoga pants. Haven Middle School in Evanston has pitted feminists against apologists with its new policy that girls may not wear yoga pants because they “distract the boys”. Let me get this straight. Long black material covering someone from waist to ankle is not enough lower half clothing to satisfy a public school? Oh, hell no.

I’ve written before that blaming the thoughts of boys on girls is a roadway to trouble. A ban on yoga pants today, ban on skirts tomorrow, we’ll be wearing burqas next week. It’s not like anyone’s vagina is falling out. THEY’RE JUST PANTS.

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You see, yoga pants aren’t the problem. The asses inside of them are the “problem” and guess who’s problem that is? NOT THE GIRLS’. These are their bodies. That’s what their bodies look like. You can no more deny the shape of their pants-fillers than you can the height of their bones or the glow of their skin. If we start blaming girls’ bodies for robbing their male counterparts of an education, women are going to eventually be stuffed back indoors. You think I’m overreacting. No way, right?

I’m seeing blogs pop up lately like Raising Homemakers which is part of a movement to only educate (via homeschool) girls to become wives and mothers. For anyone fearing feminism, know that only in the last 100 years have women been able to vote in this country, yet for thousands of years, and even currently in some parts of the world, we are denied education and even safe living conditions. You may not like me, but I will fight and fight to not see us go backwards. Pants are not the problem. If it’s not the buns in pants, it’s the allure of their wrists then the seduction of their eyes peeking out of head-to-toe covering in the middle of summer. Not on my watch.

It is not my daughter’s fault that what she looks like is disruptive to another student. 

Of course in any situation with raising daughters, there is an element of common sense and self-esteem here. Are the pants too tight? Sagging? Otherwise ill-fitting? Is the girl wearing the pants engaging in distracting behavior? These are the things the school and parents can seek to curb. Perhaps a rule that pants must fit and cover undergarments would be a nice rule to embrace for both genders.

Long black pants are plenty coverage for anyone’s lower half. Boys, get ahold of yourselves. Parents of boys, teach respect. There are going to be women and girls their whole lives who wear all kinds of things and they are still people with feelings who deserve respect.

Besides, with a ban on yoga pants, how to they plan to get any moms in the building?

UPDATE – The ban is also on leggings and shorts. Wow. 


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