Glamour pumpkins! I let my toddler use Benjamin Moore paint [PICS]

While I was busy being not-small this morning (the midwife yelled at me to workout yesterday, it was awesome) one of my kids struck my weak spot. “Mom, let’s do a craft!” I freaking love crafts. “Mom, let’s vacuum” or “mom, make with the laundry” isn’t going to get me off the couch at eight months pregnant, but making stuff with paint samples and glitter? Everybody got time for that! They said they wanted to decorate pumpkins and we just so happened to have a few on the porch. Dunzo.

I thought we’d just stick some glitter and crystals on there but somehow Benjamin Moore paint samples got involved and this project got elevated to Martha Stewart On A Stick pretty fast. We so crafty.

Observe . . . (scroll down past the sales pitch for pics)

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