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Non-toxic spray paint + nursery PICS!

I figured spray paint was banned in Chicago because ne’r-do-wells muck up public spaces scrawling their names everywhere, but now I wonder if their mothers got together and forced it out because it’s so unhealthy. Have you ever looked on the back of a can of spray paint? “Causes cancer” and “long-term exposure will cause... Read more »

Atrazine: Why is the EPA protecting a poison?

You know one of my favorite things to do is dig up ignored government documents on everybody’s favorite poison, Atrazine. Well I found some damning meeting minutes from a panel reviewing the EPA and they ain’t pretty! Apparently Atrazine is just as horrible as we suspected. Who invited this kid to the party, amirate? I’m... Read more »

My first back to school lesson

I almost lost it on my two-and-a-half-year-old today. Okay, I didn’t “almost” lose it. For the first time I can remember, I actually yelled at Stella. Like, yelled-yelled. She’s my chill kid, the one who changes her own pull-up and can spend hours on the swing set, but today she turned into a new creature.... Read more »

Atrazine: Forbes publishes false info about public health, Atrazine

There was a time when I respected big name journalism, including Forbes, but after the clearly false information Forbes published yesterday on the “safety” of the “benign” chemical Atrazine in a direct assault on public health, I’m not so sure. Jon Entine, a Forbes writer who claims to approach science with a “skeptical eye” seems... Read more »

How to love a typewriter

I’m not sure when I picked up the bug –  for the glamour of writing in general (I’m so-so) or the allure of a clunky old typewriter specifically (the buying of which I can control into perfection). I guess I could start at last Friday, after the dentist, before lunch at that place in the... Read more »

Should I return my anniversary gift? Again?

Niko and I have different views of romance. He’s like Pepe LePew, all honey-thick compliments and pizazz. Someday when I’m on my death bed, he’ll tap out a little soft shoe on the hospital linoleum in a grand display of love and I’d spend my last breath managing my own dose of penicillin. As you... Read more »

Thing you never want to hear your OBGYN say: "You're an interesting woman"

Do you get cranky when you’re hungry? How about hot? I was both of those things around 2:00 today because of some bafoonery at my OBGYN’s office. Apparently in this late, great year of 2013 they finally decided to succumb to the latest fad invention called “the computers” and input all patient files to digital... Read more »

Who's the villain in your house?

I’ve worked up the moxie to talk about something that’s been burning on my mind for awhile now. Years? Definitely months.  I finally put a finger on it when I read my friend’s post about her son who likes to dance. If you haven’t yet, take a moment to fall in love with “If My... Read more »

How to survive a kitchen remodel [PHOTOS!]

This is as good as I can do for a before pic. While I was cleaning, I happened to find the realtor brochure from when we bought the house.
Butterflies! Cannons! Jolly elves in fun pants! Whatever’s your signature confetti, just pack it up and take it into my kitchen right now. It’s the land of YES. We’re about to take a tour of my head and home spanning the time from June until an hour ago, some of it murky territory, and arrive... Read more »

What not to ask a pregnant lady you've never met - UPDATED

This is an innocent question . . . until you ask someone who is only pregnant with a sandwich. Story to make you feel better if this has happened to you: When my first daughter was 12 hours old, a guest said to me in the hospital, "Jenna, are you sure they didn't leave one in there? You're still so BIG!" Fun memory. Just saying, no one is immune to this comment.
I’m pretty open when it comes to whom I consider family. If you’ve read this blog more than once, you’ve met me in person, we went to school together, worked together, drummed up a little rapport waiting for dance class dismissal or peed in an alley together in our 20’s, I’m going to be chill... Read more »