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If the Duggars were liberal

What kind of nut has 4 (or more!) kids? A year ago, this is something I would have said either in private, or under the influence of two glasses of wine at a party among similar company. Why would anyone deliberately have four children? Remember, I’m the one who wrote a highly critical article about... Read more »

Hello, Duchess! Welcome to moms judging your choices!

Being a princess is hard, amirite, Duchess of Cambridge? I mean it’s not hard-hard and you do kind of get a pass on all your baby choices because no one believes you’re making them yourself anyway, but I do want to give you a big welcome hug to the Land Of Mom Criticism you’ve entered... Read more »

EPA: Have fun getting diseases, poor people!

Despite the EPA stating in their own fact sheets (love diggin’ those up) that a pesticide called glyphosate, the main component of Roundup, at levels above 20ppm causes reproductive problems and kidney disease, the EPA has doubled the allowable levels of that chemical in farm-grown foods. Why? Why would they do that? The short answer straight... Read more »

Better than bottled: Tap water solutions for SEXXY people (that's you!)

A few weeks ago I dug up a little gem, a document where the EPA quietly suggested midwesterners drink bottled water since municipal tap water is contaminated with Atrazine. Well ho, ho, ho, there’s a problem with that, folks, and not just my throaty laugh! It turns out the EPA’s bottled water suggestion creates more... Read more »

Mama, close your computer

Time for a real-talk earnest post. [Backwards chair] If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know I’ve had a rough month. It was almost exactly a month ago I found out we lost one of our twins, nearly halfway through this pregnancy. Complicating the grieving process have been a few things: having to rely on... Read more »

Hillary Clinton and elephant poaching? Disappointed in my hero

Hillary Clinton is up for a fresh cause. She needs to sink her humanitarian claws into something meaty. Something monumental. Something important. (Something political!) So she announced today that she’s choosing to use her clout and connections to get behind . . . cracking down on elephant poaching. SAD TROMBONE. Elephant poaching? Not to naysay... Read more »

Trayvon Martin murder about money, not race

Just kidding, the Trayvon Martin murder verdict was totally about race and a little about money, but hear me out. I couldn’t sleep last night. I tied myself in knots in my sheets because every time I drifted off, I had nightmares about this verdict. The perversion of justice in this country is so sick... Read more »

The timeline of grief

After I accidentally packed a second lunch for Bee to take to camp today, I dropped Stell off at the wrong dance class. My “kitchen” is going on week four of being a half-remodeled room, thus I have no stove or countertops and just shoveled a bite of leftover Panda Express in my mouth. Also,... Read more »

I made the last phone call

There’s a phone call I’ve been avoiding. I put it off for weeks. For some reason, I have no trouble spilling my guts on the internet (it just feels like it’s me here on the couch, I forget the rest of the world exists until I get comments). I told the essential people our minus-one-twin... Read more »

Clean water tax: EPA urges midwest to drink bottled water, not tap

I had a tough time with Independence Day yesterday. I mean, would you wish someone happy birthday who poisoned your water and hurt your baby girl? I wasn’t in the mood to celebrate “freedom” since the only entity that applies to right now are corporations. Hi! I might be bitter! I’ve decided to work through... Read more »