11 unusual baby nursery themes

Guys, I’m planning my third nursery for my fourth daughter. Inspiration is running a little stale. Coming up with something cute that I can sew myself that I haven’t already done is like asking me to expand my repertoire for dinner. After taco night and pizzas, I just stare at the wall and hope food comes out of it. But I gotta keep this parenting thing fresh! I can’t let my last babies think raising them is like crawling across the finish line of the school year, that I’m panting with my hands on my knees bearing through Step One of raising these twins, like putting together their nursery is a contraction. I must persevere! I must get inspired!

What do you think of this “Hard Working Man” fabric?

 photo 76ab62be-0d96-4b5d-8cf2-53fec5540a4e_zps0482051d.jpg

Hey, this crib bedding is making me all tingly!

Back in the olden days of 2008 when I actually read the email newsletters that said my baby was the size of a pea, I told someone I was going to put a day bed in the future play room so I could take a nap while the baby played. While she played. I don’t know what’s more adorable, that I planned to sleep ever again or that I thought I’d be doing that when the baby was awake. I guess I figured if she choked she could give herself the heimlich on her nursing pillow. Dove-tailing this newly-first-time-pregnant naivete, was the idea I was going to be a cool mom. Ah, dreams. I dug up my yesteryear blog and laughed at my skull diaper bag.

Skull nurseries are the personification of the first-time-parenting anxiety. You’re so cool! You’re going to be a COOL MOM, not like those other dweebs with their boring not-black diaper bags. Nope. You’re going to rock hard as a mom. You’re going to take the baby to concerts. Heading to a bar? Strap the kid to your back and – who knows!- maybe ride that mechanical bull!

Once I had a real baby, of course, I learned that a mom’s eyes never fully shut. Also, if my kids are afraid of a Disney princess, skulls and crossbones ain’t gonna fly. Bedtime is 8:00, tattoos are to be discouraged and I won’t even go skiing for fear I wouldn’t be here to raise my brood. So, yeah, mechanical bull is out. But what is IN? My research has thus taken me full circle. I present to you, the most unusual nursery themes on the market.


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