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What not to say to an agnostic in a pickle

I saw two beautiful faces yesterday. Four perfect hands, four little feet I’d kiss any day of the week. They were my twins during a special high-resolution ultrasound at the behest of doctors (oh, doctors) after we discovered something is amiss with the little twin’s health. It’s amazing they look so much like “real” babies... Read more »

All moms yell

One day while my mother-in-law was helping us organize the new house, I got onto my daughter for dropping food. “Ahh! Be more careful!” I huffed and dabbed the crumbs like they were killer spiders. Yes, I yelled. You do it. I do it. Moms get annoyed at crumbs (and unfinished homework discovered in backpacks... Read more »

Finding role models in your 30's (Any large, liberal families in the house?)

I didn’t give much thought to finding a role model until I read a tweet a while back by The Most Awesome Lady On Twitter, a 94-year-old quilter who tweeted, “I have to love Downton Abbey for so many older woman characters who r smart, funny & non cliche. Nice 2 have role models at... Read more »

Things you only do when you're pregnant HINT: Twitter fights

So far I’ve spent nearly two years of my life being pregnant –and counting!– and I’ve noticed when I have a belly full of baby (and pizza, let’s be honest) I turn into a different person. It’s not so much like Clark Kent v. Superman or Hulk vs. Not Hulk, but more of an odd... Read more »

Fitch The Homeless: Why exploiting the homeless to shame Abercrombie is wrong

You may have seen the clever consumer rebranding campaign “Fitch The Homeless” (#fitchthehomeless) the past few days. It’s a grassroots reactionary movement to the body-shaming scruples of Abercrombie & Fitch as spouted by CEO Mike Jeffries in a series of nasty comments. Among his words, now infamous, “In every school there are the cool and... Read more »

Disney: "Brave" Merida gets sexxy makeover, parents vote with your money

Disney is under fire this week for “butchering” their most feminist role model yet, Brave star Merida. Now instead of a tomboy, she’s more traditionally beautiful and that’s bad according to the 50,000 people who signed a petition about the change. Look, I get the controversy over the Brave princess makeover, but I’ll just be honest... Read more »

How to be a good dad on Mother's Day

My husband is pretty great on Mother’s Day. Or he tries to be. He whisks the kids away at the crack of dawn for their annual pilgrimmage to McDonald’s for our traditional Mother’s Day feast of rubber pancakes and processed sugar. He knows I don’t want an attempted-cooking mess to clean up and the idea... Read more »

Happy Mother's Day to me, times four

Guys, what’s a perfect day in Chicago? Ice cream by the lake? Thai food? Blue skies and valet parking? How about all of that and a successful “viability scan” (a term that should please die) of the surprise twins you’re carrying? This was me today! I will now accept a confetti reception. Thanks, you guys... Read more »

Why I don't wear my wedding rings

Until someone pointed it out to me this morning, I never gave a thought to not wearing my wedding rings. I keep them in a box and trot them out for special occasions, but I don’t wear even a wedding band on a daily basis. That’s right, I traipse about town with two small children... Read more »

Does anyone else not get yoga?

Guys, I want to like yoga. I want to like it almost as much as my friend Jill wants to like coffee. Its right up my alley. I’m a vegetarian philosophy major who is naming her kid after a woodland creature. I had exactly one day in San Francisco last month and I chose to spend... Read more »