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In defense of Chelsea Clinton's Starbucks order

Chelsea Clinton said in today’s Parade Magazine that she was in Starbucks the other day ordering her usual “Black Eye” (a coffee with two shots of espresso) when a stranger approached her and said, “Chelsea, you seem like such an interesting person, and that’s such a boring drink”. Burn. First, how refreshing to hear a two-word... Read more »

Yay or Nay: Your 9-year-old buying emergency contraception without you

The “morning-after” pill will now be available without prescription to girls of all ages thanks to a ruling by a federal judge in New York. Before we get all “THE CHILDRENZ!!!” let’s think practically. How often is a girl as young as nine or eleven going to need the morning-after pill anyway and b) if... Read more »

Lean in? No thanks, I'm good

Sheryl Sandberg’s book , “Lean In” has been all the rage on the mommy circuit this week. There have been some brilliant new discussions on women’s roles in leadership and business. From the girl fight angle to ah, shaddup, I’m just trying to pay the water bill, there have been some great reads coming from the ladies... Read more »

Why it's rude to be fake pregnant on April fool's day *cough* LINDSAY LOHAN

Okay, maybe Lindsay Lohan is really pregnant. She tweeted, “it’s official . . . pregnant” at the tail end of The Great Unholiday that was yesterday. Maybe she’ll squeeze parenting in between her court dates and mandatory rehab. We can’t know! But if it was a prank, may I thwap her on the head with... Read more »