The best (and worst) variations of the Facebook red equal sign

When my whole Facebook feed turned red with the equal sign yesterday, I thought Facebook pulled one of their maneuvers to only show you “relative” content, meaning they had shielded my eyes from my friends with differing political interests. Grr. It’s not healthy to cover your ears and sing “la la la” to avoid hearing opinions that differ from your own. Me, I like to be educated on all that annoys me. It’s why I watch Fox news. But lo, I had made a mistake! It turns out, even my more conservative friends were sporting red equal signs demonstrating their support of equal marriage rights. Color me impressed! We can all get along after all!

Well. Most of us. Of course there were a few who made it known they are actively opposed to, um, people being treated equal under the law. They stood out like idiots. I present, the best and sometimes worst of the Facebook equal sign movement.

UPDATE – Adding them as I find them!

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