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The best (and worst) variations of the Facebook red equal sign

Pot moms should get equal respect as wine moms. I get it.
When my whole Facebook feed turned red with the equal sign yesterday, I thought Facebook pulled one of their maneuvers to only show you “relative” content, meaning they had shielded my eyes from my friends with differing political interests. Grr. It’s not healthy to cover your ears and sing “la la la” to avoid hearing... Read more »

Adult mother/daughter relationships - I'm not her!

“I’m so CORN-fused!” I cracked up at my own (stupid) joke, and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Same toothy grin. Same thin lips. Same hazel eyes. Same face. Same bizarre, clean, ironic-appreciation-of-the-obvious sense of humor. Panic. Nobody wants to turn into their mother. For most people it’s a fear of Not Your... Read more »

The final frontier of mommy wars: Crafty moms v. holiday haters

There’s a new bracket in the mom on mom tournament. Pop your popcorn because this sport is always fresh! Sure, the smash down between working moms v. stay-at-home moms has all been thrown and the perennial conflict between homebirthers v. elective c-section crowd has gone stale. The room has cleared and the janitor is turning on... Read more »

Guest series: Burned by a moms’ group, part 2

You may remember the tragedy of the time I got rejected by the Moms Of The North Shore Meet-Up Group. I’m not sure if they could tell I’m a Willbilly just by my application, or if they googled and found those pictures of me streaking in the Viagra Fountain just after college. Either way, I... Read more »

Chicago gun violence: Why won't anyone snitch on baby Jonylah's killer?

You have to check out the North Shore police blotter sometime. Hilarious. The worst things that happen are when some guy gets $2,000 golf clubs swiped from his garage or when unauthorized charges appear on someone’s credit card (later amended by the bank!). Okay, there was the time some kids tied up an old lady and... Read more »

Movie Review: The End Of Love (spoiler alert - Michael Cera has a gun)

For anyone with a toddler, The End Of Love is going to pop off the screen as (too?) real and slightly terrifying. The endless nights of macaroni! Fish death! I mean, what parent goes to the movies to see more kids learning how to chew? Allow me to make an argument. The film stars Mark... Read more »

Guest series: Burned by a moms' group, part 1

Hi, you may recall that I’m a loozah (baby) and got rejected by the Moms Of The North Shore Meet-Up Group, sight-unseen. While my online application was rejected by those fools, I ended up meeting around a dozen real life moms in my neighborhood. So far, so good – they ain’t too cool for pizza... Read more »

9 Easy Steps To Escape Poverty (Step One: Be White!)

I read an infuriating article, Things That Trigger Your Class Rage by self-disclosed middle class member, Tracy Moore. The tone was basically one of indignation that Moore’s friends came from more affluent backgrounds and her “rage” about them being ivy league educated and well traveled. Moore was neither of those things and she blames it... Read more »

Student-Cum-Porn-Star Lectures At University, Blows Minds

A porn star? Giving college lectures? I’m sorry, I don’t mean to poke fun or give him a hard time (because he’s received enough stiff criticism) but feminist writer and gender studies professor Hugo Schwyzer found himself in a bit of rub at his university for inviting a former-student-cum-porn-star to guest lecture about pornography on... Read more »

How To Deal With People Who One-Up You

My friend Stacey used to get quizzed by a mom at play group about everything from the brand of her stroller to how many hours she put in at the gym. I probably don’t have to tell you Stacey had an awesome stroller and had the body of a Dallas Cowgirl. But Stacey didn’t see... Read more »