Chicago gun violence: Why won't anyone snitch on baby Jonylah's killer?

You have to check out the North Shore police blotter sometime. Hilarious. The worst things that happen are when some guy gets $2,000 golf clubs swiped from his garage or when unauthorized charges appear on someone’s credit card (later amended by the bank!). Okay, there was the time some kids tied up an old lady and ransacked her house, but not only was it covered by multiple media outlets, but the gossip lingered for weeks. Did you hear about the lady who was tied up? Unharmed, but still? In WILMETTE? Etc. So I’m not sure how to talk about specific acts of gun violence on the south side of Chicago, where people die every single day, without sounding like an a-hole.

So let’s imagine this happened to people in my neighborhood. What if you left your baby with your husband and then got a phone call at work that they’ve both been shot?

This actually happened to a mom here in Chicago on Monday. Jonylah Watkins, a six-month-old baby girl, was shot five times in a parked car with her dad while she was getting her diaper changed. She died yesterday morning after an exhaustive fight in the hospital from gunshot wounds to her abdomen and legs. Her mom was on shift at McDonald’s when it happened. The gunman is still at large.

Spoiler alert: He’ll never be caught.

The police are chasing leads on this left and right, but the community won’t cooperate. Yes, the baby’s father was a gang member. Yes, the guy who shot them was a gang member. Surprise, this happened on the south side. Duh, these people are black. Guess what? The south side is our city. These are our people. Someone killed our baby girl and got away with it. WTF, Chicago?

If this happened in a white neighborhood to a white kid – to me, to my kids –  neighbors would be lining up to tell the police what they saw. Yet the authorities are getting zero cooperation from Jonylah’s community to bring her killer to justice. Why not? Come on. Like no one knows who did it? Bullshit. There’s got to be 20 people who know exactly who the gunman is, where he lives and how to find him. His fellow gang members know who he is. Whoever he lives with knows who he is. The driver of the getaway car knows who he is.

Why won’t anyone help the police find Jonylah’s killer?

Thanks to Chief Keef and the luxury of the internet, I sort of get it. No one wants to be a snitch. Tell me, what’s worse, a snitch or someone who shoots a baby five times while she’s getting her diaper changed? This reminds me of a school yard fight where one boy might get his face knocked off but he’s smart enough to know not to tell the teacher. This is different, guys. If the school yard fight turned into a blood bath for an infant, you get that teacher and you say HE DID IT. That guy. Right there. That’s the guy who killed a baby.

Killing a baby is not part of an honorable fight. That’s not fair. Babies are not fair game in your turf wars and drug wars. It’s injustice. The people who know who killed Jonylah need to do the decent, human thing and tip the police. If those communities ever want to stabilize, they’re going to have to overcome their fears of police and  get the worst guys off the streets. If you’re really that scared of police, just tip them anonymously. Who will that killer kill next? Another baby?

The gun violence in Chicago has gone too far. The ‘burb of disappearing golf clubs and the ‘hood of dying babies isn’t that far apart. This is our problem, people. We have to find this baby killer.

To give the Chicago Police Department an anonymous e-tip, click here.

UPDATE 11:49AM, Chicago officials have asked gangs not to hide the gunman.

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