Wine v. Pot: The Perennial Debate (Oh, and Wine Totally Wins)

Heyyyy potheads! Try to pull yourself away from your Salividor Dali paintings and Magic Eye books and rap with me. Why do you mess around with that stinky lung fog when you could be enjoying a nice, tasty, legal glass of wine? I am so confused by you! Smoke is gross. Besides, unless you’re a ballsy grandma, your pot probably comes from a questionable source. Who knows where they’re getting that stuff? It could be from an indoor poop garden down the hall from a bath tub meth lab. No thanks! I’ll take wine from California. No way does anything shady go down there.

Me, I’m a wine mom. I split a bottle with the ole man several nights a week. It tastes great, you can enjoy it on its own (not just a path to a buzz) – sort of like taking a walk for the scenery as opposed to shuffling on those people movers at the airport. I’m not saying the choice to smoke pot is a moral issue. Do what you please. It’s just well, a matter of taste. And come on, admit pot smoke smells gross. You’re not savoring it like a fine cigar, it’s just a means to an end. Like a time machine.

I’ve been encouraged to try a new thing we’ve got going on around Chicago Now called “Squabbler” where we do 15-second videos stating our case. I’m taking the wine dog in this Wine v. Pot fight, but feel free to disagree with me and Squabble back. NOTE ABOUT LIFE: Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they don’t like you. Just jump in and fire back. It’s fun! Here, I’ll get you started:

– Pot has no calories

– Pot has no hangover

See, now make your own video and let’s let the internet determine which is the victor. Ps, it’s totally wine.


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UPDATE! – Yay, we now have a weed-is-better-than-pot response Squabble. Watch it and let the voting begin! PPSSS- Wine all the way.

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