People Of The Chicago Auto Show - 2013 First Look For Charity

The annual First Look For Charity at the Chicago Auto Show was last night, or as we refer to it in my house, “Industry Prom”. We go every year and it’s always fun to run into people we know and even make new friends. We had so much fun last night. So much, in fact, I’m slowly sipping my coffee this morning and still cursing my shoes. Ladies, the auto show is wide and expansive. Think before you wear spike heels! Although, the event managers think of that in advance because Cadillac always offers fuzzy pink slippers to the ladies. (No word on when they’ll come in blue for the gents who want to de-tux their feet.)

Here are all the pictures I took. I like to remember events by the people who run them, so I included a lot of shots of the real people who make it happen because I appreciate their service. Oh, and there are like two pictures of cars. Besides Range Rover and Corvette unveiling 2014 models, there wasn’t much new on the scene that I was personally pumped about. I did think the Toyota exhibit was kind of sci-fi how they connect your bracelet to your Facebook and follow you for the rest of your life after the test course. C’est la vie. The car business. Enjoy the pics!


If you recognize yourself, feel free to comment with your name or email me to have it removed if you would like. The night moved kind of fast and I just snapped away! Also, feel free to “like” this post and join me on Facebook.

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