Benjamin Moore's 9 Worst Paint Color Names

So, I’ve been trying to figure out how to paint my new living room. I’ve been obsessed with finding the exact best color and naturally, I consulted Facebook. Every time I put a sample on the wall, I ask the internet’s opinion and three people will like it followed by two people who say it looks like baby poop. I become immobilized. Then my mother-in-law comes over and says “just leave the blue!”  and I sharpen my resolve to eradicate the blue. Thus, six trips to three paint stores has ended only in my wall looking like a home hair cut:

Indecision 2013
Indecision 2013

Things I have learned about painting: Just do it and don’t think about it too much. When I painted Bee’s room teal last week, I asked exactly zero persons what they thought, I bought zero paint samples and with one gallon of paint and an afternoon I had this. Although to be fair, it’s way more fun to get opinions so keep ’em coming, Internet.

Two, don’t mess around with paint that is not Benjamin Moore. I hope no one sues me for saying this, but it is my opinion that a certain paint that rhymes with Merwin Schwilliams is thin and streaky. They have better paint names and I get sucked in by marketing, but Benjamin Moore is actually the better brand. It coats better and is easier to work with. BenMo can color match any color you want, so if you see it somewhere else, just bring it in and get the good stuff. I use Aura. No one paid me to say that, nor did Benjamin Moore give me anything for free or even on discount. I just speak the truth!

Now. Speaking of paint names, let’s make lots of fun of Benjamin Moore’s worst paint names ever. These are real colors.


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