A Love Story As Told In Bitstrips Cartoons

Every friend of mine in a new relationship after 2008 gets embarrassed when I ask how they met their boyfriend/fiancé/sugardaddy . They always give that look they give to their dentist when he asks if they floss. “Internet”.  Well, duh. Answering that you met on the internet is like saying that’s where you got your shirt. It gives no information except shame. I even had someone reassure me the other day their love was real – as if meeting your fiancé on the internet was like having a pen pal in prison.

I’m here to tell you every relationship has a shameful chapter of its meeting story. Even Wills and Kate, who met “at university” credit the catalyst of their relationship to the time Kate walked down a run way half naked. Unless you’re in some arranged marriage where your spouse is revealed from behind a sheet at the wedding ceremony (and come on, awkward!) there is some element to your meeting that you’d rather not announce.

Me, I married my boss. Here is the story as told in the addictive Facebook app called Bitstrips.


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