Quit Hating Time, Haterz! Also, Gawk At My 2012

Every New Year’s Eve about two dozen people on my Facebook feed say, “I’m glad this year is over!” and “can it please end sooner?” Dudes, you’re giving me a sad. Even if your year wasn’t that great, there is nothing more precious than time. Even if your moments were bad, you’re not getting them back. You’ll never be younger than you are now. There’s reason alone to celebrate the present and quit cramming it down the ole torlet.

Every year I think, “wow, this was such a great one” even when there were sucky things that happened. Sure, one year my husband broke his ankle playing hockey and then developed a blood clot during surgery that required six months of him being on grouchy meds. Oh, and this past year I slipped a disc in my neck and had some weird times in court. [Sad trombone] No one’s life is perfect. I still think it was a great year and I will probably always think I had a great year, even when we get swallowed up by an exploding red giant sun. I’ll be floating out in the cosmos with my charred hair, like, but the pancakes were awesome on Sundayyyyyys!

There were shitty things in the news too. Sandy Hook, that crazed Subway pusher etc. But we’ve got to focus on the good in our lives. Allow me to illustrate the finer moments in my personal 2012. Sure, it’s literally exactly like looking at other peoples’ vacation photos, but you’ll be fine. Just do like people do when they get trapped looking at these in person – drink heavily and glance at the TV.

In 2012 I . . .

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