POLL: Is It A-holey to Post Pics of Your Tree After Santa Comes?

Hi, there, Internet. Usually I have strong feelings one way or the other on a topic, but this one has me split down the middle like Abby & Brittany. I’m trying to decide how I feel about posting pictures of Christmas trees to Facebook after Santa’s been there. The new tradition after the kids go to sleep on Christmas Eve is to grab a glass of wine, make the magic happen and then upload pictures of the western gluttony onto Facebook.

Me #1: This is an assholey practice! And the more laptops and diamonds you have under that tree, the worse of a person you are to flaunt this braggery on Facebook. You already know how I feel about China. Show me one person who doesn’t have a sweat shop under their tree. And even worse? If they are a lone social justice maven who has a few $50 wood sculptures of vegetables or something. Are they trying to shame the rest of us? But we want to make our kids smile on Christmas morning! So what if we have some BPA-loaded princess debris? It’s Christmas in America! PUNCHES THROWN.

So pretty much no matter what your tree looks like after Santa made his mystical drop-off, you’re going to look like a jerk to someone. I saw a motorcycle under a tree last year. Come on. And I knew a woman who got a Lexus. Isn’t that just a little jerky to post pictures considering the vastly different economic circumstances of our Facebook brethren? Facebook audiences are like families: everyone’s got that cousin with no teeth and that new friend from the gym who divorced a Pritzker. Better to tread lightly and not shame/enrage/invite ridicule. Think of feelings.

Me #2: Posting pictures of overflowing Christmas trees is absolutely no different than posting pictures of anything else. People can glean judgement or manifest feelings of inadequacy from anything you do in public. Every picture says something about you from your house, to how you dress your kids, to what you spend on your hair to the location tag of your Instagrams. Honestly, what’s under your Christmas tree is going to come as a shock to no one if you’ve been living your life on Facebook to any discernible degree.

So post away! And for what it’s worth, I love seeing the overflowing Christmas trees. My concern comes from how I am being perceived and making other people feel, not how I am doing the judging myself. I posted a picture of my daughter’s room to Facebook yesterday and the first comment was a criticism, later tempered with a confession of jealousy, which is why I’m a little sensitive about tonight’s Facebook parade.


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In case you’re curious about that last part, here is Stella’s new room. Besides the lamp, the furry pillow and the actual bed itself (all from a super exclusive emporium called Target), I sewed, painted, reupholstered or gave birth to everything you see here. And I’m damn proud of myself!



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