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Quit Hating Time, Haterz! Also, Gawk At My 2012

Took at least one super hero to the Jewel
Every New Year’s Eve about two dozen people on my Facebook feed say, “I’m glad this year is over!” and “can it please end sooner?” Dudes, you’re giving me a sad. Even if your year wasn’t that great, there is nothing more precious than time. Even if your moments were bad, you’re not getting them... Read more »

After Christmas is sad! CRY!

I had the most peaceful Christmas. It was all cherubic kids and Christmas Day snowfall. Sure, I got five hours sleep between Dec 24 – Dec 26 and my floors are still covered in glitter, but the gifts and food were amaze face (respective highlights: Zingo and egg rolls). For once, my holidays were easy... Read more »

To The College Girl Who Got A Restraining Order Against Her Helicopter Parents

A judge recently granted an order of protection to a college student against her helicopter parents for such injustices as installing spy ware on her computer (that they bought for her) and arriving unannounced for visits to her dorm (which they have been paying for for three years). The student is being blasted by the... Read more »

POLL: Is It A-holey to Post Pics of Your Tree After Santa Comes?

Hi, there, Internet. Usually I have strong feelings one way or the other on a topic, but this one has me split down the middle like Abby & Brittany. I’m trying to decide how I feel about posting pictures of Christmas trees to Facebook after Santa’s been there. The new tradition after the kids go... Read more »

"Fired for being irresistible" - I agree with the judges

A ruling in favor of a boss who fired an employee for being “too irresistible” was made public yesterday to nearly universal backlash. A woman was fired after ten years of employment because her boss viewed her as a threat to his marriage once their text-messages were discovered by his wife. In the suit, the... Read more »

Would you trust a stranger with your kid's death allergy?

“Here’s the epi pen. Instructions are inside and my cell’s on there if she has a reaction. Oh. And don’t let her eat anything. BYE!” I’m new to drop-off birthday parties. So new, that five of the six parents at Bee’s birthday gathering (sorry, it ain’t a “party” unless there’s more kids than keys in... Read more »

Mommy wars: The resume of a mom

Dear Sir or Madam, Behind the scenes here at Chicago Now we’ve had some discussion about the atrophying skills of a stay-at-home-mom and what that does to her economic status. Also, someone said I lived in a golden cage, which is flattering since my real house has 60’s wood paneling and my floors are usually... Read more »

I don't want to have "a national conversation about mental health"

Ah, politicizing a tragedy. That took a day. In the first hours after the Sandy Hook shooting, the nation came together and seemed to universally agree, at least to some degree, something has to be done about these guns in the hands of crazies. That’s not a political agenda, that’s a human thing to say... Read more »

Is anyone else immobilized over Sandy Hook?

I don’t know what to do. I can’t shake the Sandy Hook shooting. This may sound totally stupid or insensitive, but this is the first tragedy that has brought home the reality to me that no place is safe. This could happen to any of us, tomorrow. The human brain has amazing coping ability –... Read more »

Gun control: Even enthusiasts see the need for gun control after shooting

Hi, I’ve been glued to my TV all day, how about you? I picked my four-year-old up from school then cuddled my kids in my lap while I watched in horror as the details of today’s shooting came out. Babies. Kindergarteners. Dead. I think I sobbed three buckets today. I’m a bit of an anti-gun... Read more »