Gun control: Even enthusiasts see the need for gun control after shooting

Hi, I’ve been glued to my TV all day, how about you? I picked my four-year-old up from school then cuddled my kids in my lap while I watched in horror as the details of today’s shooting came out. Babies. Kindergarteners. Dead. I think I sobbed three buckets today.

I’m a bit of an anti-gun nut, in case you didn’t know. So buckle up I’m about to punch the Second Amendment in the face. We need crazies on this side to balance the crazies on the other side so that hopefully we meet in the middle and make a safer world, right? I’m your local crazy on this side!

Just to give you some background, here are some sample comments from my other anti-gun posts:

“people like Jenna think the rest of us should give up our right to own guns. sorry Jenna….it’s your kid and your problem.”

“You have no right to safety. There is no such thing in the bill of rights.”

“Where is it written that you have an inherent right to safety? Have you ever stopped to think that maybe those that founded this Nation felt that you were responsible for your own safety?”

20 children died at school today. We will talk about this now. Yes, we will talk about gun control today, White House. We should have talked about it last week and last year and ten years ago. Maybe those babies would still be alive today if people weren’t too chicken shit to speak up. But wait, why are people scared to speak up about guns? Why can’t we even talk about gun control? Because . . .

1. The problem with the Second Amendment is it infringes on the First. In most areas of debate, I can say my side and you can say yours and either we come to a peaceable compromise or we agree to disagree. Or we have nasty marches against each other and wage war. But most debates on big issues are, for the most part, fair; both sides have crazies who might be armed and dangerous and they sort of cancel each other out – micro cold wars, if you will.

Debates on gun control, however, are unfair from the beginning. One side declares a moral superiority and simultaneous physical vulnerability (we hate guns! We have no weapons!) and the other side, well, has a bunch of fucking guns. As a person who has been writing about gun control for a while, I can tell you, free speech doesn’t feel so free when you are painted rape-at-gunpoint and murder scenarios by your adversaries.

Sample comment on this blog:

“What I think is really interesting is that a woman would want to advertise to the world she does not like firearms, basically announcing to everyone that she is an easy target.”

You should see my inbox! Gun nuts are just a Google search away* from arriving at my door with gun in my face for speaking my opinion.

2. The constitution did include the right to bear arms, but they didn’t specify which type of arms. Bayonettes? Sling-shots? Semi-automatic rifles? Nukes? Can I have a nuke?!

3. Speaking of nukes, if we applied gun logic (“if we were all armed, we’d all be safe because we’d just gun down any would-be gun men before they progressed to massacres. Guns all around means an even playing field!”) to nuclear arms, would we have a safer globe or would we have a bunch of idiots now armed with nuclear weapons? You don’t think we should pass out nukes to Iran and North Korea, do you? Great, then you agree with me that we can’t just pass out weapons to anyone who wants them for the sake of “an even playing field”.

4. When the constitution was written, the Second Amendment was meant to protect citizens against illegal seizure of their homes by soldiers. Tell me, what’s a bigger threat: the government using violence to seize your home, or your kid getting shot by a lunatic at school or at the movies? By the way, if our government wanted to use violence against us, it would be downright cute to see pistols slinging in the air as a tank steamrolls your house. Logic, people.

5. People don’t really use guns for protection. Sure, cops and criminals are outfoxing one another, but let’s leave Spy vs. Spy out of this. I would venture to guess most gun owners are simply hobbyists – they use their weapons for target practice and hunting. I shot a gun at a tin can once. My shoulder hurt for three days. Guess what? Your hobby isn’t worth the lives my kids.

Here are a few interesting quotes I read today from gun owners who have wised up to gun control after today’s shootings:

“I love guns. I have several, but I would gladly get rid of them if it would help prevent anything like this from happenin”

“I enjoy target shooting, but if you were to take away that right I wouldn’t feel that unfree. I’d get over it.” – Dax Shepard

“I shoot guns, I have for years, but I’d happily never shoot one again if tragedies [sic] like this could be stopped with new legislature.” – Twitter user  Zelda Williams

“I’m a libertarian who believes in freedom, but even I have had it with guns. Too many nutters & psychopaths. The time for gun control is now” – Twitter user Michael Shermer

“I dont understand why civilians even have access to automatic guns, I don’t need 200 rounds per minute to kill a deer.” – Twitter user Jacob Glenn

“I own guns. I believe in strong, strict gun control laws to make getting them difficult. Because that’s called rationality.” – Twitter user @WarriorBanker

“i am a card carrying nra member. you can have my gun.” – Twitter user Lauren Ashley Bishop


It’s a new day. It’s time for strict gun control and yes, that means a ban on automatic weapons, a vigorous vetting process at the point of sale and ideally a government buy-back or aggressive gun turn-in program and eventually a ban on guns altogether. Get over it.

In the meantime, I will be aching for the victim’s families. I cannot imagine life after the tragic, violent loss of one of my precious babies.

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*Actually, I moved and my new location is off the grid, haters!

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