Obama second term: Gun control

Remember that time in college when you popped a bottle of champagne after the news outlets called the election for “President Al Gore” and you and all your buddies turned off the teev and went to bed feeling smug? And then you woke up to a hangover that lasted eight years? Well that didn’t happen today. We woke up and Obama was still the president! Woo! Rah! I’ll wait for the confetti to settle.

Okay, time’s up. Guess what? We need gun control. Obama, if you’re reading, which I know you are of course, it’s time to tackle gun control now that your second term is in the bag. Be a badass. Do it.

I got carded at Dominick’s the other day for buying natural cough medicine. Ingredients? Honey and eucalyptus –  a real meth lab waiting to happen. We live in a world where cough medicine is regulated, where you need a license to fish and in most states, women have to endure mandatory waiting periods for a certain medical procedure. Our cars have to pass emission inspections. Restaurants have to adhere to health codes. But guns? Oh, you just buy those and toss ’em in your closet for your kids to find, sell them on the black market or twirl them around your thumbs like Yosemite Sam. Root ’em toot ’em! Guns are dangerous and yet remain highly unregulated.

I posted a rather naive, emotional response to the Ohio school shooting back in February where I called for the banning of all handguns. (It was quoted two days ago on a Huffington Post article as well as in The Examiner discussing the original intent of the Second Amendment.) I have since realized that eradicating all handguns is not a logical or practical solution to the mess we’ve gotten ourselves into in this gun-infested country. But there are solutions. President Obama could work to ban assault weapons and the limit the sale of ammunition.

For anyone disappointed in the results of last night’s election, just realize the Republican party lost largely because the extreme direction the base has gone, including the staunch, immovable principles of the NRA. It is possible to uphold the Second Amendment and still put in place regulations to protect our people from gun violence. Let’s do this, Obama. Be the president who makes this country a safe place with gun control.

Oh, and let’s wean ourselves from the teat of China. Yes we can!


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