My political doodles? Sorry in advance.

Crap, I’m in the eye of the tornado with this move so I can’t talk long. In case you are interested in my personal tradition of doodling the candidates during presidential debates (my Kerry was kicking) I did have 15 seconds to whip up a little Biden and Ryan action last night between bites of masking tape. For anyone who missed the veep debates, here’s a 30 word recap of what went down on the teev:

Moderator: Hard hitting questions. Abortion. War. You have 43 seconds. GO!

Vidow’s Peek: Thirsty! Smirky. Bad math.

Biden: FINGER POINTS! Smiles. ANGER! Laughing. Oh, all the lying is just so hilarious.

With that informational recap overflowing your brain with details, I will now entertain you for a blink with my doodles.

My Eddie Munster:

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And here’s by Biden:

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Thank you, I’ll see myself out.

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