Sexy Child: The Facebook hangout for child molesters - UPDATED

Hi there, pedophiles! I know you like to look for love on playgrounds and To Catch A Predator sets, but how about you social media nuts? Tough market for pervs these days, huh? Solution: Sexy Child, the Facebook page that features pictures of actual children doing normal children things like gymnastics and hanging out with friends. It’s a real pervert’s dream. These aren’t your “barely legal” teens in skimpy clothes. Nope, Sexy Child is for the hardcore criminal. These are wholesome girls from toddlerhood on up to the spinster age of around nine. NINE. A number so low that according to Elements Of Style you must write it out.


Will Facebook force this disgusting page to close? After all, I suspect the parents of the girls don’t know their children are being used for fodder for the degenerate scumbags who comment things like, “she is so sexy!” under a picture of their eight-year-old drinking water or playing in the yard.



Of course more sensible people have weighed in:




Sure, we could victim blame and criticize the parents (the mother, it’s always the mother) for letting her daughter wear bikinis and for putting her picture online in the first place, but I will preemptively disagree. While some people in fact do their kids a disservice by sexualizing them too young (hello, recent Elizabeth Hurley/toddler bikini scandal) but the truth is a kid is a kid is a kid. No one should be thinking sexual thoughts about a baby child, no matter how she’s dressed, be it a poncho or a nothing but a lit cigarette.

Here’s a comparison. No matter how you dress or upload or stylize a giraffe, normal people are not going to be sexually into it. You could parade a naked giraffe around town in stilettos and anyone who looks at it as anything besides a silly-looking giraffe would immediately become a pariah. Let’s give our kids the same protection as zoo animals – if we see anyone sexualizing them, let’s shun their Facebook pages and leer at them in disgust. Giraffes and baby girls are equally not sexy. Got that? BABIES ARE NOT ON THE MENU.

And hey Facebook, shut Sexy Child down now or you’ll be the new Friendster.

UPDATE – Well that took two hours. The page is gone. Nice work, Internet!

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