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When were you cool? 1994?

When the whistle blows at 8:00 PM, sometimes the hubs and I like to crack open a bottle and watch stupid movies. Hey, I can only take so many documentaries about corn and public school before I want to shoot myself in the face. Enter: Hot Tub Time Machine! So we settled in the other... Read more »

Tinier than thou: Living in a 100 sf single family home, a movement.

So what’s not a “movement” these days, huh guys? We’ve got the “men’s rights activists” and the anti-adoption crowd. People who hate people who move to the suburbs and people of means who insist on eating from the trash. What next, a movement to eradicate shoes? (Too late!) Let me introduce you to the next wave of... Read more »

Why are people such jerks about the suburbs?

If you were talking to someone who had decided to move to say, Milwaukee would you say to their face, “I can’t stand Milwaukee! I’d NEVER move to Milwaukee. Milwaukee sucks. I can jog in Chicago”. (Because you can’t jog just anywhere.) Why, then, is everyone being a jerk to me about us moving to... Read more »

Sexy Child: The Facebook hangout for child molesters - UPDATED

Hi there, pedophiles! I know you like to look for love on playgrounds and To Catch A Predator sets, but how about you social media nuts? Tough market for pervs these days, huh? Solution: Sexy Child, the Facebook page that features pictures of actual children doing normal children things like gymnastics and hanging out with... Read more »

Hi, I can't sleep.

I’ve had a case of insomnia for oh, two hours now. What’s the solution? Internet! Even though Chelsea wrote a great post about getting oneself off the internet, which made me feel horribly guilty, somehow I see the answer to life’s problems is more Internet. He we go. Here’s everything on my mind at 4:00... Read more »

I saw a naked Stepford wife and other tales of greater Chicago

Eek! 25 days until I move, guys! I’m so excited. Wait, no, maybe I’m scared. After all, the Crystal ball predicts I’ll get invited to sex parties and witness milfs hooking up with the ice cream guy because apparently the suburbs are a just like those episodes of Desperate Housewives I never watched. Is it? How... Read more »

CTU Strike: Okay, you made your point. END IT NOW.

I had the opportunity to be on WGN TV’s Politics Tonight show this evening and the host asked me, “at what point will your opinion of the strike change?” Look, a lot of us came out swinging for the teachers. I taught my kids to make the solidarity fist at the picket line and a... Read more »

How is Chicago celebrating the CTU strike? Cupcakes, of course.

Behind the grit of the Chicago Teachers’ Union strike is the strong promise of change ’round here. As far as I’m concernd, the strike is just the inevitable hurdle of a city moving in the right direction. Education is important to our new mayor and of course, teachers care about teaching. Teachers are not, however,... Read more »

CPS teachers' strike: Explaining labor unions to preschoolers

When the bell rung and doors flew opened at our Chicago public school yesterday, a teacher yelled, “check the news!” and 20 preschoolers filed out to their parents with serious looks on their faces. First, they were adorable. I just love seeing toddlers in giant backpacks that make them look like ninja turtles. One little... Read more »

Why we should protect Pell grants: Cocktail party fodder!

I was going to write about a recurring theme at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions: opportunity in this country. There is a lot of talk about opening doors to the middle class and supporting education. The only reason I was able to attend college was with a Pell grant and federal loans, but I’m... Read more »