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My little grandparents are just begging to be smoosh kissed.

My little grandparents are 83 years old and still live in the house they built with their own hands in 1952. Every time I trek the 14-hour round trip to see them I feel time taking them away from me. And yet they never change! Mamaw told me a story today about her apple tree... Read more »

OMG. The buyers saw my thong.

“You’re not supposed to show your panties!” Bee wisely declares and shoves a nutella-covered bite of banana in her tiny mouth. No mom, you’re not. Quick! What’s the worst-case-scenario you can think of when your house is on the market? I mean besides a stark realization of the economy? An agent walking in the house... Read more »

Christian lessons any ole agnostic can appreciate

I got into some debate with a few friends the other day about religion. It was a peaceful discussion where both sides respectfully acknowledged their differences and skipped away arm in arm. Ha! I had made a case for the practical applications of Buddhism via the rad writings of a nun named Pema Chodron. The... Read more »