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Does the Bible say blue is for boys? Hi, the Internet is Mean.

Welcome to my new series: Hi, The Internet Is Mean! Yesterday we talked about the depravity of commenters who gleefully said a bride got what she deserved when a tragic accident took her life during her wedding photo shoot. The newly minted wife met a terrifying, dramatic death but . . . yeah, take that... Read more »

Bride dies during tragic photography accident, Internet predictably terrible

Perhaps you’ve heard of the new cool thing all the brides are doing called “trash the dress” where sometime after the wedding, the couple gets dressed up in their wedding clothes again and well, trashes the dress for some artsy pictures. I wanted to trash my dress, but when I pulled it out of the... Read more »

Aw, did your mommy cut your bangs? UPDATE

She did, didn’t she? Look at you with your wonky forehead hair and blissfully unaware grin. Good thing you’re such a happy little thing because you look like Jim Carrey in one of those movies where he plays a slow person with a bowl cut. Tell me something. If you’re scared of the dark and... Read more »

Would you hide your engagement ring at work?

Jennifer Aniston announced her engagement last week, but when tabloids caught up with her yesterday she seemed to be hiding the ring. She could be having it sized or she might be heading off speculation of its cost in the inevitable Jen v. Angie wedding competition manufactured by Us Weekly. Whatever the reason, let’s let... Read more »

Lipo update - Ladies, our lumps are trophies!

I did something really out of character the other night when I came out of the bathroom for bed. (You: “You took off your mother-in-law’s lingerie?” Shut up.) I waltzed right out, left the light on and told the hubs I felt pretty good about myself today. Bare tummy exposed. You may have read between... Read more »

Crap, the crib is empty.

It’s official. I don’t have a baby any more. Stella got her chunky toddler leg stuck in a crib slat today, so she’s headed for Bee’s mini bed tonight and Bee herself is moving into the guest room. Here they are celebrating their new status as Big Girls Supreme: Everything seemed so urgent in 2007.... Read more »

Flight risk: Airline policy profiles men as sex offenders

Are you a man? You might be a pedophile – at least according to Virgin Airlines. An upstanding male passenger was asked to move seats on a Virgin flight from Australia recently and was informed it was because of the airline’s policy prohibiting men from sitting next to unaccompanied children. Virgin is not alone. Apparently... Read more »

Ear piercing for babies: Is it child abuse?

Babies are all born perfect. Even the not-so-healthy ones. They’re all fresh and clear like new snow or a blank Google doc. And although we’re in charge of their little bodies (no smoking, ever, missy) their bodies are actually theirs to make long-term decisions about and upon which to make modifications. In theory. We can’t... Read more »

Hilarious comedian rips on fat, poor people

You know what’s funny? Jokes with poignant punchlines that make people laugh and think. Jon Stewart does it. So does Lewis C. K., Sasha Baron Cohen and Jerry Seinfeld. George Carlin did it too. It’s harder than it looks and requires real talent, intellect and nerve. And hilarity! You know what’s not funny? Small time... Read more »

We're all a little sick. Me? I advance plan.

With our house on the market we’ve been window shopping for our next (and possibly final!) home. When I look at a piece of real estate, I try to picture how a house will work when our kids get older. Soon they’ll need their own bathroom – two sinks or one? Wouldn’t it be cool... Read more »