Hilarious comedian rips on fat, poor people

You know what’s funny? Jokes with poignant punchlines that make people laugh and think. Jon Stewart does it. So does Lewis C. K., Sasha Baron Cohen and Jerry Seinfeld. George Carlin did it too. It’s harder than it looks and requires real talent, intellect and nerve. And hilarity! You know what’s not funny? Small time comedians who make fat jokes about poor people. Somehow I became one of 5,233 Facebook “friends” of a local comedian named Joey Villagomez who posted this on his Facebook wall much to the appreciation of several commenters who seem to really savor low-hanging fruit.


Let’s see. Where is the punch line? Oh, she’s overweight. And poor. And possibly mentally disabled. Haw haw haw, guys, a large woman tried to hand make a halloween costume! Ain’t that just the GIGGLES! I mean look at her, with her type II diabetes and low income, limited resources, lack of economic mobility or access to proper mental health services. She is such comedy gold!

Actually, she’s not. She is a human being. A better comedian calls for power or privilege or society as the butt of the joke. A lame one will dig up any picture of a fat person and take a bow when the tomatoes go flying at her.

Sample comments:

“Is that human, lol”

“Is it b/w or color? lmao”

“this bitch look like a project cock roach in the face with shoulder pads on a upside down bowling pin body havin ass with them lil ass arms and what the fuck is the attenna [sic] for? ok i see but someone need to slap her ass upside the head and them eyes straight”

“Hey i think “tv” in this situation stands for “TranVestite”

Really brings out the creative sensitivity in us all, hey Joey? The reality is that trotting out a picture like this prompts the bad side of people: race jabs, sexual put-downs, fat-shaming. The worst comments are from those who hang near the bottom of society. They delight in mocking this woman in order to prop themselves up from being the ones who occupy the bottom rung. That’s the function of racism, by the way. Racism and fat-hating and are ways to ensure that somebody is beneath us because we’re afraid of being the worst in a society where the Joneses seem to have more and more every day.

Joey, it’s sad. It’s easy and it’s sad. You can do better than bullying. Read some headlines if you want a joke. The Trib did an article on the dangers of sedation dentistry today. Apparently dentists are brushing off the risks. Snort. See? We can make fun of dentistry and even dentists in general. I can even make fun of Joey Villagomez because he’s a public figure. How did Joey Villagomez get 5,233 fans? By contacting strangers himself on Facebook because ironically he’s not that popular! Bwahahaha!

Work harder. Fat jokes are over.


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