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Team Bullied: The anti-bullying project (PLUS: See yours truly squirm on video!)

Hello, patrons of the Internets. Today is the launch of a a project by my pal Carrie Goldman called Team Bullied. You can upload your own videos and watch videos of others on blogs across the webz today in an effort to stop the cycle of fear of bullying. Anyone who knew me in elementary... Read more »

Chick-Fil-Gate: Why Dan Cathy should be grateful

No one knows better than I do how it feels to be called a bigot after speaking about a belief. As a person who has felt the full weight of that accusation in the fallout of my potty debacle last year, I have a word of advice to Dan Cathy: Be grateful for the opportunity... Read more »

Playground politics: It's a jungle out there

“Ponies for sale! Ice cream! At your service!” My kid knows how to draw a crowd. We had to make ourselves scarce today because of realtor showings at our house, so we loaded up the stroller with snacks and headed out on a tour of every playground in the neighborhood. “The choo-choo park” happens to... Read more »

HuffPo "Chicago's Best Neighborhoods for Parents" contest a farce, ballots stuffed

Well what do you know, something in Chicago was rigged. Earlier this month the Huffington Post asked readers to nominate their neighborhoods for the unofficial title of Chicago’s Best Neighborhoods for Parents. As the entries poured in, so did the criticism. “The question itself is Anti-Chicago. We don’t compete against each other this way. The... Read more »

Real estate showings are creepy.

How do people deal with selling their houses? We’ve been on the market a whole two days and already there are eight showings scheduled. Not only is it face-clawingly annoying to have the place clean all the time (I am not naturally a tidy lady) but knowing people have been in my house is creeping... Read more »

Selling my baby: The existential dilemma of listing my house

We bought our little house on October 31, 2006. Halloween. Niko was just my boyfriend back then and we didn’t know what we were doing. We giggled through the closing while eating cookies from Starbucks. I dunno, buying a house didn’t seem like that big of a deal. House! Fun times! It felt totally normal... Read more »

Colorado shooting: Media, stop rewarding gunmen

The massacre in Colorado last night was tragic. We can all agree on that. It’s natural to be horrified when something so senseless and cruel occurs, especially when in it’s the most benign places. Schools full of children and movie theaters full of happy fans are not places you’d expect something as dark as murder... Read more »

$250k is wealthy? How about a "grandparent" tax!

The nation is in turmoil, guys. We’re poor. In an effort to resolve this, a tax policy on families making over $250,000 a year is being hotly debated. Some say that amount of money is CRAZY PANTS and anyone making that should set sail on their fancy jet from their third luxury home straight back... Read more »

Mommy Wars: I have it "some"

I don’t look at my phone. Sometimes for days. Between the hustle of the kids and internet on my schedule from my lap top, I find myself not needing gadgetry on the go. Women with regular office hours or even regular lives probably think it’s crazy, but with the nick to the ego being a... Read more »

Mom Q&A: How to get slaying skin

Several people have mentioned my skin after seeing me on Facebook recently. Just so you know, I’m no great beauty. I once had a guy stop me at a party and say, “oh! You have such a big ethnic nose!” He was a real charmer. Maybe homeless. Anyway, I’ll try to class my act up... Read more »