Presented without comment: My commenters!

“Hey cunt can you stop barking? Thanks”

“Chill the ‘f out, fatty. And no, you’re not fat because you’re
pregnant. You were plenty fat in your vacation pics. And nice fat Mom
swimsuit, too.”

“You’re [sic] article is nothing more than a fear mongering piece of paranoid schizophrenic bullshit.”

“I refuse to act civil with a revolting future killer like yourself.”

“Your lips are way too thin and your nose is huge” *

“This worthless cunt could use a few backhands.”

“you are simply an entitled princess […] You really, truly make me sick”

“What an uneducated crock of a human being.”

“How on earth is she strong and independent if she doesn’t even have a job?”

“go play in the street.”

“a dishonourable lieing [sic] BITCH like this one deserves every bit of fucking hate she gets”

*UPDATE! The nose one I wrote from memory because I had trouble finding it. But alas, I just found it buried in my email and the direct cut and paste is . . .

“get a rhinoplasty to cut that schnozz down to a reasonable size. Too bad nothing can be done about your AWOL lips […] Nice hooker/stripper name you gave your daughter, too”


So, would any fellow bloggers care to share any gems you have collected? Comments are open!


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  • I offer up the dialogue that follows this beauty of a piece from Christmas Day 2010:

  • In reply to Tab Bamford:

    Wow, Tab. You ought to gloat all day since you were right! That is pretty amazing. I knew I had your book on my shelf for a reason!

  • I haven't commented on ChicagoNow in like 2 months. None of these are mine...thank God.

  • I love this, Jenna! Sadly (or is it fortunately?) I don't have so-called "gems" to share :)

    Just keep on being YOU. The haters can keep on hatin'.

  • I wrote a piece on the Knicks guard Jeremy Lin, made a criticism of Tim Tebow as comparison to the level of media attention both figures receive and was graced with this fun comment...

    "Every Blackhawks, (and dare I say, hockey fan on the planet ) in Chicago should want you fired for that remark because it directly speaks to your gross incompetence as a "sports writer"."

    I thanked the person commenting for reading and giving my blog a web hit...Still not sure how anything I wrote effected the Blackhawks or their fans.

  • When I wrote "Farmer's Markets are BUL&^%!" I got a lot of hate but the funniest one that still has me scratching my head --- And after been pretty appauled by this post, I thought I'd check out the type of stuff normally published here. Here's one thing that jumped out at me. "This trip has had me missing Lollapalooza and now the Chicago Air Show! I love hearing the roar of the jets as they fly overhead. It sounds like AMERICA!" I'm sorry, but somebody who is this excited about the air show clearly doesn't give a shit about the planet. So, in my book, this author has no credibility on the topic. The End. -- I love the planet...only one I got.

  • You are obviously doing something right. To inspire people to dig deep within their inner devil and put the time in to sign in or sign up and insult you.

    Keep being you Jenna (which is a wonderful person) and hopefully none of these comments got to you (although it would be hard for them not to) and in the words of Tupac Shakur "Keep Ya' Head Up!"

  • In reply to Curtis Shaw Flagg:

    Thanks, Curtis! I always consider the source. There are some people I literally laugh out loud at.

  • Well, I often get the unoriginal "puck slut" comments slung at me. "Retard" was also a brilliantly thought out comment before commanding that I "go watch a Ballet, you know nothing about Hockey." The best had to be being called subhuman for being Canadian... "Disgusting! Those born north of the border aren't even human" I believe was the full comment. Shake it off. These people obviously lead charmed lives they are not grateful for if their biggest concerns and source of irritability comes from what others write in their blogs.

  • Wow, the C word. Always makes my skin crawl.

    All those people need to get laid. In a big way. F 'em all and keep on doing what you do!

  • I'm sorry - call me a snob but I wouldn't p*ss on these people if they were on fire. Scum of the earth. Why else would you leave comments like that?

  • In reply to Expat in Chicago:

    I recently discovered someone insane in my life impersonates MRAs on here just to get a little hate out on me, so I heavily consider the source. And no, I wouldn't either ;)

  • Wow. People are absolutely ridiculous. I got called similar on my old blog. Anyone who takes the time to say that is because it struck a nerve and it bothers them because it reminds them of something they don't like about themselves. Sorry for the psychology take on things, you can tell I need my semester to be over. :) You're awesome, keep up the great writing!

  • Again, the vast majority of the people who comment like this on Jenna's blog are pussies who can't even log in with a photo.

    Rest assured, most if not all of these men live in their parents' basement and have never even kissed a girl.

  • Oh-oh Jenna! Now they're just going to cut and paste these and re-use them! ;-)

  • Okay, so my blog is almost universally well received. It is like the village where the Teletubbies live -- all sunshine and tulips. Seriously. There has been only one truly vile commenter who popped up a couple of times during the publishing of Donna's Cancer Story. Some excerpts from the manifesto:

    "It turned out to be the garden-variety tearjerker engaged in by disease-of-the-week groups."

    " . . . the parents never faced that reality but went on demanding more and more and this and that in a clearly futile effort from the outset."

    "They wanted every futile and money-wasting treatment possible – both conventional and experimental."

    "Because the parents couldn’t cope with reality and lived in a fantasy bubble, they dragged a dying child from pillar to post, subjected her to surgeries, radiation and poisons aka drugs, treatments with hideous side effects – and that is abusive to torture anyone that way particularly when it was done for themselves because they couldn’t let go (this author invented “D-e-n-i-a-l)."

    "And when it is pointed out that we as a society can not afford to spend like this on pointless care, they wail ‘oh but but but….you can’t take away our hope…….one more day is worth any cost “ If they want to write the check or go into debt, fine – but we as a society have to put an end this sort of behavior which drives costs out of control in an insane search for an unprecedented miracle because they can’t face reality."

    "Want to ‘try everything’ even when there is nothing -not one thing, nada, zip, zero – that has been proven to work because you are in denial and live in an irrational fantasy world of unbridled emotionalism and rejection of reality? Then write the check yourself. People die – that is simply a fact. People die and you have to accept it. Some illnesses are not fixable – and people die."

    And this was in response to my writing about a pediatric hospital in Indy that would not allow me to bring my infant son in the halls to go get food, yet refused to send me food to the room.

    "SO yes, no one is going to care if you are throwing a fit of self-involvement and entitlement because things are not the want you want them to be and the world won’t cater to you to allow you to have what you want. Your choice – your tantrum. No reason anyone should care when you throw hissy fits and refuse to do the sensible thing."

    Oh, the "sensible thing" was to have my infant son return to Chicago to be with relatives. Didn't matter that we had no relatives in Chicago.

    Oy. I salute you, Jenna. This was cathartic!

  • In reply to Mary Tyler Mom:

    All of that is pure evil. Your daughter had cancer! What kind of a horrible person could call that a "garden-variety tear jerker"? Oh, excuse you for not writing a Stephen King novel for their enjoyment. You live for yourself, not the audience. Wow. I'm so sorry.

  • I got, "you're an idiot" once. That was pretty traumatic.

  • It hurts my heart to read these comments. I pray that there can be peace for you in spite of these moments. And that the love you have for your children and family will only bring joy in spite of the ugliness that is out there. These comments make me angry and sad for the individuals who feel such hate towards themselves, and then word vomit all over the place. Oh if there could be peace!

  • These comments are so vile they're funny.

  • MTM, wow! I am glad I write a blog that losers like that cannot post negative things to. So sorry to hear some of the mud that is slung at my fellow bloggers. Reminds me of what I wrote my sister when she was name calling. People say things that are negative and project because they have nothing better to bring to the argument and they want to continue the fight rather then back down knowing they were defeated. Just brush your shoulders of the dust once the mud dries and think of a great come back. If all else fails just tell them to go suck 14 lb bowling balls through a garden hose :-)

  • Some of those are pretty bad, but honestly they don't even begin to compare to the TWO different blogs that were created solely to rag on my every move, dissect my every post, harrassing my family and vivisect me for their sick enjoyment.

  • In reply to code14j:

    Wow, it got that bad? See, I didn't follow your drama as it unfolded. I only knew of you from what our mutual acquaintance told me over drinks and I think it was over by then. I'm sorry to hear that.

  • Unbelievable. It really makes me hurt for you to see the horrible stuff people said to you. I just don't understand people sometimes.

  • In reply to mjp:

    Oh, don't be upset for me Mel! The idea to post these came from my amazing, fearless leader Jimmy after another CN blogger started getting some hate. I'm fine! Used to it, even. Only sociopaths have the kind of time and demons it takes to make fake accounts and post this tripe. You're a good friend for caring.

  • A funny way to look at the word cunt is Cooter of Unusually Nasty Temperament.

  • In reply to Kittykat4700:

    Or what could be said of the writer of such an insult, "Could've Used Nuanced Thinking"! Oh, we could be here all day.

  • GREAT Idea. I made an all-star top five of my worst

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