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Protect your family with a doomsday condo?

First there were toddler leashes, and now there are Doomsday Condos. What won’t we do to protect our families, parents? A real estate developer in Kansas has transformed an abandoned missile silo into a luxury underground condo community, complete with a viewing deck for end-of-world watching. There’s also a pool (because clean water wouldn’t be... Read more »

Martha Stewart told me she hated peanut butter

When I opened my mail today I found a clipping from my eagle-eyed friend, Claire, who spotted a comment about peanut butter Martha Stewart made to Taste Of Home magazine. First of all, yes, someone sent me a real piece of mail and secondly, it contained a printed clipping of something. But back to the... Read more »

World's worst mom puts Rasinets in Easter basket

Are you ready PARTY? Don’t even think you can rock as hard as this mom. Not only did I spend 40 minutes deliberating over the least evil chocolate Easter bunny in the candy aisle, but I ended up choosing the “healthiest” one in the ugliest packaging and I’m not even putting it in their baskets.... Read more »

Be a nazi mom, side with the teacher

I’m going to out myself as a Tiger Mom so put on your best judgey pants and get ready for a party! I’m a German lady, so instead of the terse uber-coaching the Chinese employ, harping on my kid involves the authorities, in this case, our new ballet teacher. Unbeknownst to me, the first ballet... Read more »

Artizone: Mail order food, a review

If Whole Foods and Peapod had a lively, eager-to-please baby, they would name it Artizone and it would toddle it’s first steps to a computer, email this blog and send me free food. As it happens, Artizone does not have a parent company, so it’s had to raise itself on (gourmet) TV dinners and Sesame... Read more »

Baby poop mud mask: A natural beauty treatment

Like most eco-conscious folks these days, I’ve been composting my table scraps and sprouting my own seeds to create free organic produce for my family this year. Sure, we have about as much “lawn” in the City of Chicago as most people have counter space, but we’re just treading lightly*. We’re amazing**. Do you feel... Read more »