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Are traditional news media stealing scoops from bloggers?

Late in the summer of ’10, we made a giant pot of coffee and commenced our weekend ritual of splaying the Sunday Tribune out on the living room floor in our jammies. I opened the newspaper and saw something surprisingly familiar, a two-page feature on newborn circumcision. The topic was a bit avant-garde at the... Read more »

Nick Jr. drama: Parents enraged over some cartoons "retiring"

Do you care what’s on Nick Jr? I mean, I assume you don’t want your toddler watching violent murder scenes or Rush Limbaugh rants, but children’s programming could be a blank screen for all I care because I use TV for getting a chance to clean the kitchen and check my email. Apparently my simply... Read more »

How to make a three-year-old behave

If you had an eleven-foot-tall, 520-pound boss with whom you were only marginally able to communicate, who corrected you 24 hours a day and decided when you slept and what you ate, do you think you might do a lot of crying? I’d probably scream and fling myself to the floor when she offered me... Read more »

Car Wives, Part II

After you get out of school, you’re looking for that grown up desk job that spells security. You want to make it in the big city, to sip free coffee and pretend you’re on The Office. I wanted to dress up in cute skirts and make the case that my student loans weren’t a waste... Read more »