February is a rad time for resolutions, too!

Okay, I guess February is a smidge late to the new year’s resolutions game, but in perfect execution of my new agenda, I’m making the rules. You see, this is The Year Of The Jenna.

The Year of Me was supposed to be last year. I decided we were going to start hiring babysitters and I promised to unclench my fists and let us enjoy life every once in awhile. Ah, dreams. What I conveniently forgot this time last year was that I was enormously pregnant in the middle of snowmagaeedon. Basically, we didn’t do much in 2011 because I was tethered to an infant and fat pants.

No more!

With the semi-successful weaning of Buh-Stell and my skinny pants fitting, we’re hitting this town, baby. I’m not saying no. Plans, parties, invitations – I’m saying YES to everything that comes my way. You only live once! Seize the day! Other cliches! But seriously, I mean it. I’m going to try to pack as much life-living into this year as I can. What with the Mayan calendar pointing us towards doom, I may as well have some cocktails.

A preview of my success: Five weeks in to 2012 we’ve been to the movies, bought tickets to two plays, a comedy show and a symphony, attended a live taping of “Chicago Live!” at Piper’s Alley and woot-wooted at the Roller Derby. Also, next week we’re ditching the kids and getting our sparkle on at the Auto Show First Look For Charity. Will I need a heftier pair of Spanx to pull off the strumpet dress I bought? Yes I will. But I’ll be there.

It doesn’t matter if it’s February. It’s never too late to make resolutions. Make this the year that you get out of your jams on Saturday nights too. I see you there with your wine and your e-reader and fuzzy socks. Get up! Buy tickets to this or this. You have exactly one life. You are worth it.

Besides, maybe you’ll see me out and rub elbows or whatever is it that People do.


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  • "your wine and your e-reader and fuzzy socks" -- LOL -- that is ME!

    I try to get out at least once a month with the girls and at least once a month with just me and the hubs. But yeah...I think we still need to work on the book/socks/wine routine a bit :)

  • In reply to mjp:

    It's me too! How you do you think I know about that set-up?

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